Working from home more efficiently? Our DESK series is the perfect solution

Working from home

The COVID-19 virus (or Coronavirus) emerged from China at the end of 2019, and we couldn’t imagine what would happen in de months after. Currently a third of the global population is on coronavirus lockdown.

Different lockdowns

But every lockdown is different. Some countries are in full lockdown, keeping everybody inside, other countries are in a so called ‘intelligent lockdown’, meaning people need to stay inside, but are able to go outside for necessary needs or work (where possible considering the health rules). This also means a lot of people need to work from home, if possible.

Working from home

For some departments this is hard to do when they keep working in the old and traditional ways. Take for example workers on the research and development departments. With the need for constant new prototypes and iterations on these prototypes, the old fashioned process can be a hassle when working from home. But with a 3D printer you are able to cut a lot of steps in the prototyping process, even by working from home!

Industrial 3D printer on your desk

With our DESK series you are able to put an industrial 3D printer with a large build volume on your own desk at home. The T1250 and T850 fit on every desk, or you can add the Base for perfect working height, in your own home. This ensures rapid prototyping right in your own home.

The Tractus3D DESK series are plug and play 3D printers, with high print speed and accuracy. But still offering a build volume of 400 mm (15.7”) with the T850 and 600 mm (23.6”) with the T1250. The DESK series ensures rapid prototyping, even from your own home!

Please keep safe and healthy in these strange and extraordinary times.
The Tractus3D team.

DESK series

The T850 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.
The T1250 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.