Reasons why 3D printing channel letters is beneficial

Channel letters is important to any business who wants to stand out and draw attention to their buildings. Businesses often try to be as creative with them so they could be unique and different from their competitors, but the traditional way of manufacturing channel letters brings certain limitations that 3D printing could easily solve.


Businesses are still figuring out 3D printing and not only how to utilize it but also how tit could be beneficial to their business, compared to the traditional methods. We could see many reasons why, for this reason we will share a few reasons why 3D printing makes this possible, aside from being brand new technology with technological advances the traditional methods may not posses.

So why is it that 3D printing channel letters is beneficial to any business model?

Environmentally friendly

Businesses are trying to be more sustainable and be more environmentally cautious as do many of us. By applying 3D printing when it comes to creating channel letters, it allows them to waste less material. Materials will no longer go to waste, which is also financially beneficial, since getting rid of wasted materials can also be costly. In addition to not wasting materials, producing channel letters with 3D printing does not produce a peculiar smell, no pollution and low noise in the production process.



Simple process

In comparison with the traditional process of making channel letters, the 3D channel letter process is simple and integrated. The industrial flow of production is direct, and it makes 3D printed channel letters more standard but also the model more exquisite. What is most important is, the 3D channel letters will not be limited by the traditional process and materials. If they are designed, they can be produced.

5 benefits of 3D printing signage letters

  • Save on personnel costs
  • Save on material cost
  • Time-efficient
  • Offer customers lower prices
  • Quick ROI (Return of Investment)


To produce 3D channel letters, 3D printers will mainly be used. The only process that will be done manually is installing lights and base plates in the later stages. But to get things up and running, only a 3D printer will be required. This not only makes the procedure simple and easy to control, but also this is why it is considered cost efficient when you implement 3D printing to your business model.

The cost of other equipment and personnel will be reduced because of this. It also goes quite quicker and lots of processes in between in the production process are also eliminated, this creating a quicker production process. So, it is easy to understand why it is adding a 3D printer to the production process of channel letters can cost-effective.

Growing industry

The 3D printing industry is consistently growing and developing, with development comes possibilities. Previously, 3D printed projects were only done indoors, but due to new materials and development within the industry, now 3D printed channel letters could withstand the outdoors and its accompanied weather conditions. Due to the consistently growing industry, possibilities are slowly growing, the limitations are becoming less. So endless channel letter designs and shapes can be printed.


For these reasons, without a doubt, the addition of a 3D printer to create 3D printed channel letters could benefit any company and allow them to grow and be creative with the way they design their buildings. So add a Tractus3D large volume SE Series 3D printer to you business and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.