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3D printing channel letters reduced the costs by 30%


Styles Werbetechnik is a full-service sign making company. In addition to the classic product range of advertising signs, vehicle lettering, foil lettering and car wrapping, textile printing and embroidery, they are especially focussed on the construction of outdoor advertising systems such as pylons, pillars and profile letters.

With their products, they do not only supply end users, but also supply market companions with products produced inhouse. Styles does this in the whole of Germany.

With the current growth, their team will  grow over the current of 21 employees in the various departments in short matter of time. An expansion building was completed in 2019 and another new building is necessary and in the final planning phase.

Visit Styles Werbetechnik – www.styles-werbetechnik.de

“3D printing is the future of profile advertising systems”


Styles Werbetechnik

The challange for Styles Werbetechnik

Channel letters are one of the focus points of Styles Werbetechnik. Channel letters come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and materials. They are usually made of aluminium or plastics, can be painted or unpainted, and come with or without lighting. In other words, they come in a wide variety of designs, shapes and materials. So Styles was looking for an all-round solution.

Futureproof system

To help their clients in the best way possible, Styles Werbetechnik sees it as their task to make themselves as independent as possible from suppliers of finished products. Therefore they needed a futureproof system that will allow them to manufacture profile letters in various thicknesses, shapes and materials, and, if possible, to do so using as single production method.

Combining the knowledge

After a thorough research period, the 3D printing process emerged as a future proof and modern solution. Since there is unfortunately only little information available on the market about devices, materials and actual possibilities, we decided to tackle the project together with Gröner and Tractus3D. This made sure we had great support, short and quick communication, as well as quick and good material supply. This was important for us to make sure we would make the right choice for the future.

The solution for Styles Werbetechnik

To make sure 3D printing was the right course,  a test phase was started with the Tractus3D T1250. It quickly became clear that the first “small” tests after some hours of 3D construction, printing and material testing, that we could already install our first channel letters.

Hereby the highest possible standards regarding the surface finish and the materials itself where pursued and achieved. This would help in marketing the “arrival of 3D printing” for signage and profile letters, and strengthen the trust in the new product.

Limitless possibilities

The Tractus3D printers are limitless in the design and manufacturing of profile letters. Difficult shapes, serifs, sharp angles or other design elements can be easy realized. Where conventional production processes quickly reaches its limits, for example the depths usually start at 60mm. While 3D printing can confidently start producing from 30mm depth, illuminated without having to resort to expensive molded 30mm opal glass. Since the 3D printers don’t need to be watched during the process, it can also run at night and in the weekends, making sure the production time is much faster.

5 benefits of 3D printing signage letters

Cost-benefits and profit generation play a big role for every company, of couse. With 3D printing, Style generated the following benefits:

  1. Saving personnel costs: The 3D-Printer runs on its own and causes, besides the usual operating costs, less cost of labour in production as compared to the usual production methods.
  2. Cost of material: the costs are significantly lower, due to the lower base price of the material and reducing the waste of material to almost 0%.
  3. Time saving: 3D Printers like the Tractus3D Printers are professional machines, designed to run effortless 24/7, this means the printer can run day and night and on weekends. Tractus3D printers can work unattended.
  4. Depending on shape and form, we can offer the customers signage letters and parts about 30% cheaper, than usual.
  5. The ROI (Return of Investment) is very quick. For Styles this means that 3D printing is the way to go and is a future orientated and cost saving production process.
3D printing signage letters
A video by Styles Werbetechnik, Gröner and Tractus3D.

  • ✓ Limitless possibilities in all shapes and forms
  • ✓ Lower material costs and less needed due to less waste
  • ✓ Time saving due to 24/7 operation
  • ✓ Price advantage for customers

3D printers used by Styles Werbetechnik

The T1250 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.