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Mechatronics Client Case Study

Mechatronics is a Company established to provide one-stop TOTAL SOLUTION for Industrial and Process Automation. Over the years Mechatronics has strengthened its operation by providing critical Turnkey solutions in pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, and electronics applications. Mechatronics has been providing solutions at the customer’s doorstep and effective after-sales service backed by state-of-the-art Sales, Service, and Training Center. Now Mechatronics is contributing to a more sustainable future, spearheading sustainable production for community development projects.

Sustainable Production for Community Development Projects – UAE

How responsible leaders create lasting value and equitable impact for all stakeholders “truly sustainable and responsible business” was a top priority for their organization over the next three years, the intentions and values of leadership teams often outrun the capacity of their organizations Sustainability DNA is central to companies’ ability to operate both profitably and mindfully.

Selected to design a community development project for urban park benches, Mechatronics have designed for community development with an essence of concept to production of 3D printing production process and materials with FDM technologies leveraged by Tractus 3D printer T1250.

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The designing was done in house with a view of 1 model fits the selection process of the committee, we started with a rectangular model and slightly deformed using grasshopper software to gel into the environment, the surrounding had other elements of boulder stones, dessert sands and water fountains, so we had to make a parametric design which will withstand the outdoor temperature as well and mix into the environment.

Financial performance remains a more important priority for leadership teams compared with sustainability, short-term focus which overlooks stakeholder concerns “responsibility” issues remain the purview of executive committees.

The social and economic disruption of recent months has accelerated the changing relationship between organizations and the world in which they operate. Leadership teams should capitalize on this momentum by setting bold ambitions for how they plan to help deliver the Sustainable Development Goals and reimagine how their organizations operate to match. By embedding stakeholder-centricity at the heart of organizational transformation, leaders can deliver multi-dimensional value and realize the promise of stakeholder.

3D printers used by Mechatronics

The T1250 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.