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Joost Motoren

When it comes to the repair and maintenance of BMW Motorcycles, Joost Motoren is the place to be. They have a unique approach in their work and they are extremely client specific, ensuring that they stand out from their competitors. Joost Motoren is driven by the need to be different, to offer more and think beyond the realms and boundaries of other companies who supply parts.

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The challange for Joost Motoren

Many of their customers are owners of classic BMW’s and they regularly come across a problem that is hard to deal with. Often original parts are simply not available anymore. Therefore, to overcome this widespread problem, they are now using a 3D printer to manufacture 3D printed motorcycle parts. Tractus 3D printers have made it possible for them to create custom 3D printed motorcycle parts. With 3D printing BMW parts, the company sets the bar even higher for other suppliers to follow – if they can.

Example of 3D printing for motorcycles

Let’s take an example of how Joost Motoren used 3D printed motorcycle parts to help their customers even better. A customer came in with a BMW with H7 lights. The owner wanted to replace the original lamps with more powerfull LED lights. Unfortunately, the original case was too small to house the Power LED lamps as they have cooling ribbons that are larger as the original lamps emit more heat.

3D printing as alternative

BMW does not offer an alternative to replace the original lamps. Making them fit the traditional way would take a lot of effort and money. It would involve the parts being CNC’ed by an external companies and the fact that there is a lot of outsourcing involved, this could take a long time. To see if they could speed up the process, Joost Motoren consulted True Colours about the problem they had and they came up with a new and improved solution: 3D printing BMW lamp cases. They had the idea to redesign the case using 3D printing technology to ensure that the new LED lights fitted correctly.

Solution for the Joost Motoren

Thanks to 3D printing Joost Motoren and True Colours had the ability to completely redesign the original, making it possible to create a new case for the new LED lights. 3D printing the motorcycle part made it possible to create the final part in just a few hours. There was no longer the need to rely and wait on external suppliers thanks to 3D printing BMW parts. It also meant that the designs of the 3D printed bike parts became owned by Joost Motoren and this safeguards the intellectual property of the company.

Offering more than the competition

Of course, the world in which Joost Motoren operates is one that requires fast results. It also requires them to keep up with the competitors by offering something different and unique and so, 3D printing BMW parts offers them the perfect solution. The 3D printed custom bike parts have enabled them to widen their service and take on more customers while it also means that there is no limit to what they can achieve. The ability to create custom 3D printed motorcycle parts in just a few hours, from start to finish is something that many competitors will not be able to compete with. 3D printing BMW parts, and parts of other motorcycle brands, enables them to realize their goals in ways that they could never imagine.

Cost reduction

3D printing BMW parts and parts of other motorcycle brands enables Joost Motoren to enhance their service but also improve their profits. Custom 3D printed motorcycle parts can be produced in a way that is cost effective to both Joost Motoren but also their customers. In the example of 3D printing BMW light cases, the total costs were actually reduced by 90%.

This is a prime example of how 3D printing made it possible to create a bespoke motorcycle part as well as offer an affordable service. The lights can now be seen in the BMW.

  • ✓ End of life parts 3D printed
  • ✓ Extreme customer happiness
  • ✓ Specialist in motorcycles

3D printers used by Joost Motoren

The T1250 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.
The T850 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.