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3D Printed: SPIDES spider

For over a year now, Gröner has been our reseller in Germany. During which we placed multiple LARGE VOLUME, DESK and PRO series 3D printers all over the country, making the year a very successful one.

One of the 3D printers was delivered to BluePrint AG, a München based printing company. Production company Katapult Filmproduktion GmbH and NBCUniversal asked them to 3D print a true-to-scale alien spider. It would then be showcased for the world premiere of SPIDES, a science fiction series to be aired on Pay TV channel SYFY starting from 05.03.2020.

What once sounded unthinkable, became reality trough the Tractus3D printers from BluePrint AG, and with support from Karl Gröner GmbH. Within a short timespan they were able to 3D print the envisioned spider-like alien, right in time for the premiere on February 10th, 2020.

The spider was printed in individual parts and then put together. Creating a true-to-scale alien spider.


Specifications of SPIDES

Printers usedT3000 and T1250
Total print time619 hours
Total print time T3000447 hours
Total print time T1250172 hours
Weight of 3D printed parts52 kg
Total weight of exhibit120 kg
Preparation and finishing time42 hours
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