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3D Printed: Einstein

Gröner has been our reseller in Germany for as long as we know. During this time we placed multiple LARGE VOLUME, DESK and PRO series 3D printers all over the country together. Resulting in a very succesfull partnership.

The headoffice of Gröner is located in Ulm, and Ulm is of course know as the birthplace of worlds best know theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. Currently there is a foundation working on realising a Albert Einstein Discovery Center in Ulm. To help the foundation, the Gröner boys 3D printed a 3,5 meters high Albert Einstein, and showcased it on a messe (event) in Ulm to help the foundation raise money to build the discovery center.


Specifications of the Einstein

Printers usedT3000 and T3500
Printed byGröner, Blueprint and Tractus3D
Total print time450 hours
Total printed parts15 parts
FinishingWhite spray paint
Animation3D mapped video overlay
Total height350 cm
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Gröner boyz-3D showing off the Einstein print
The Gröner Boyz-3D tell you the story behing their massive 3D printed Einstein. It's in German, but you can add subs on the video.