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3D printed: Complete leg

phoenix GmbH & Co. KG is one of our resellers in Germany and they specialize in the orthopedic market. They helped theire client Pedilay Care with a 3D printed complete leg.

Pedilay Care provides innovative, easy-to-apply wound dressings. On the search for a leg model to test and demonstrate their products, they did not find the one to fit their needs. Standard leg models are limited in size and form and oftentimes feature anatomical positions, that are not wanted – e.g. bent feet. Read their whole case here: Pedilay Care case

Specifications of the 3D printed complete leg

Printer usedT850
Total Print time< 24 hours
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From scan to 3D printed leg

With a Calibry scanner, they were able to scan full legs and feet, including the detailed parts of the foot. This is traditionally a complicated task, especially considering the movement of the leg during scanning. The integrated screen really helped here! The scan was finished in < 1 min. Post Processing was performed in Calibry’s included software Calibry Nest. A high quality, waterproof mesh result was quickly achieved.

To make the 70 cm high model printable, we designed it in three parts. These parts can easily be mounted together, thanks to our self-developed mounting system. The model can also be mounted to a plate, making it a display option for events. The preparation of the printable parts was performed in Geomagic Wrap, a top-class solution for mesh editing.

3D Printing the complete leg

Finally, the separate parts were printed on a Tractus T850 with our optimized FFF-process for orthopedic applications. It offers high volume throughput and the material is the ideal combination of both strength as well as reworkability with traditional methods, such as sanding, gluing etc. All parts were finished in a combined printing time of < 24h per leg model.

Products used

The T850 is the mid range industrial 3D printer in our DESK series.
Base 850
Base 850 open door
Base 850, your base station for the T850 and T850P