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3D Printed: Bronze man out of wall

At Tractus3D we are really keen on showing the possibilities of 3D printing. We don’t just want to show some parts, but we wanted to showcase the endless possibilities and how you can work all around the world together on this project. This is why we decided to make an artistic series of sculptures who are escaping the 2D world for the more immersive 3D world.

We searched for a 3D artists all around the world, and found a very talented artist in Brazil. He sculpted multiple unique sculptures with each his own distinctive characteristic

The sculptures where printed at the Tractus3D headquarters and finished by our partner Dutch Deco Finish.


Specifications of the Tin man

Printers usedT3000 and T1250
Total printed parts3 parts
Total print time80 hours
    Arm and elbow12 hours
    Torso53 hours
    Head15 hours
Finishing methodBronze finishing by Dutch Deco Finish
Height120 cm
Width80 cm
For referenceHeight of our model is 183 cm
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