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Upgrade your 3D printer and enjoy the new features.

3D printing engineer showing that the Tractus3D printers can be easily updated

Tractus3D printers are upgradeable, make sure you are not stuck with an old model. Thanks to the modular build you don’t have to work with an outdated 3D printer. In the next level Tractus3D models we have integrated the latest technologies to further optimize the 3D printing process.

Upgrade available with 50% discount

With our Service Level Agreement (SLA) you will receive a 50% discount on the upgrade. No Service Level Agreement yet? No worries, just contact us and we will arrange it for you. By investing a small amount yearly, you ensure that your industrial 3D printer remains future-proof and at the top of its game.

Benefits of the Service Level Agreement

Next to discounts on upgrades, you will also receive 50% discount on wear parts and 20% discount on all filaments ordered via Tractus3D. Even on the more expensive 3D printing materials like PEEK or ULTEM. Our SLA also provides several services, such as professionally cleaning your print head. We offer a Service Level Agreement for all of our 3D printers, no matter the size.

Our latest News

3D Printing Tax Benefits

14. January 2019
Clock ticking with money at the right side coming from 3D printer tax credits

The government considers 3D printing as an important technology in their environmental policy. They provide tax benefits for companies that use 3D printing…

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Installation Service including Training on Location

18. December 2018
A large size 3D printer being packed, after arrival a 3D printer installation service will be provided

This week, we shipped two of our large 3D printers off to their new owners. It is always a special thing watching those giants leave…

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Interview with our New Commercial Director

27. November 2018
The Commercial Director of Tractus3D holding a large 3D printed tower

Maurits Blok: ”Big thinking, large printing”. Maurits Blok is the newly appointed Commercial Director of Dutch industrial 3D printer provider Tractus3D. Founded in 2015, Tractus3D manufactures a range of large-volume delta 3D printers and desktop systems, and is gearing up for the commercial shipment of a new high temperature 3D printer. In a rapidly growing…

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