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Training and Certification program

Training and Certification program

Sharing knowledge

Tractus3D is proud that by collaborating with several partners from all over the world, the geographic scope where Tractus3D is represented by skilled professionals increases every day. All partners add value to the supply chain and understand that quality + service = key.

Quick respond

As 3D printers are becoming increasingly important, a quick response time for service questions is very essential. Tractus3D does everything to ensure the progress of the customer remains steady. Therefore, the values of our partners need to be perfectly aligned with the service standard of Tractus3D. After all, over the years Tractus3D has grown into a successful company thanks to the quality of excellent products, and great customer service.

Training and Certification program

New technologies

The technicians of our partners are permanently trained in all new technologies. Whether it's hardware or software, the world of 3D printing is constantly evolving. That’s why all technicians need to follow these developments so they can share them with their customers. Tractus3D strongly supports adequate training of its partners to gain in order to deliver the intended support quality. This enables them to guarantee a high level of skills and a quality of advice and services.

Training and Certification program

Our Training and Certification program helps our partners to be trained and certified on Tractus3D printers. They are taught how to resolve issues faster, reduce downtime and boost return on investment. Certifications can be earned by passing a hands-on, practical exam using Tractus3D printers. A Tractus3D certified partner can both resell Tractus3D printers and provide certified services and expertise. This offers customers professional support and a quick worldwide response time.

Tractus3D Certified Partner

Last week, technicians from Dupli Data (France), ID Numerique (France) and Gröner (Germany) attended the Tractus3D training and certification program in Ammerzoden. All participants passed the exam and therefore are officially appointed as Certified Engineers. Tractus3D is pleased that the 3D printing knowledge can be further spread so even more customers can be helped to successfully 3D print.


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