Tractus3D Printer Used to Build Race Car for FormulaStudent

Zuyd Hogeschool will develop and build a race car, with the support of 25 business partners, to participate in the international race ‘Formula Student’ in July 2017.

Project Manager Rob van Loevezijn thinks it is a great opportunity to see students in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, IT and technical business administration work together to create the race car. Van Loevezijn: “The students have to work together with several companies and will deliver quality and extraordinary product. Besides learning about the technical aspects, students learn to handle deadlines, work together in different disciplines, maintain agreements and take responsibility. These are all competences they will need in their professions later. Students in Communication and Multimedia Design at Zuyd Hogeschool will also work on Formula Student: they will take care of marketing, communication and branding.”

Tractus3D provides a T3000 3D printer to Zuyd Hogeschool with which they will print several parts of the car. While not the largest printer in the Tractus3D product line, the print volume is already big enough to print parts like the driver compartment. It is installed at Zuyd Hogeschool, so all students can see the building of the car progress. When it is ready, all they have left to do is appoint the right driver and win the race!