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Tractus3D Large Format Printer at Horecava

3D printed furniture at Horecava

One of our customers, De Arend in Waardenburg (the Netherlands), will attend Horecava 2017 in the RAI, Amsterdam. They will be an exhibitor here and will showcase our very own T3000 large format 3D printer.

De Arend creates tailor-made furniture d©cor solutions for companies. Everything from chairs and tables to complete decoration for your house; De Arend does it all. They also do large scale projects for offices as well as restaurants, hotels, leisure parks, etc. Because of this wide array of services, they wanted an eye-catching stand at Horecava.

Taste the Future

Horecava is a trade fair for professionals in the hotel and catering industry. The theme of this year is: ‘Taste the Future’. New technologies and trends are being developed on a daily basis, while craftsmanship and sustainability are gaining ground. This has a huge impact on the hospitality business, which now requires a future-proof strategy. Nothing is more fitting than a 3D printer with a theme like that!

De Arend is a leading company in innovating their business and will display the Tractus3D printer to show what the future holds for the designing and prototyping of furniture. They will print a concept during the fair on their stand with the Tractus3D T3000. The T3000 is the second largest printer in the Tractus3D special series and has a print of volume of 100cm surface diameter and 145cm height (with a maximum of 154cm in the center). If you go to Horecava, make sure you visit De Arend to see the T3000 in action!

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