Tractus3D Expands its Partner Reseller Program in France

Dupli Data as strategic partner in France

New Partnerships will broaden the market for Tractus3D’ products and services. By signing a partnership with Dupli Data, the north of France is covered.

“We are excited to welcome Dupli Data,” said Aad Houtman, International Sales Manager of Tractus3D. “As 3D printing is evolving, we strive to provide the best quality service to our customers with strategic alliances. A strong network of partners makes it possible to help our customers to develop their product efficiently.”

About Dupli Data

Dupli Data has been active in the world of printing since 1991. Since then it has established itself as a major player in large format printing equipment and associated consumables. In constant growth, the company has moved into a 3.800 m2 building, considerably increasing its storage space and its referenced products. This location in the Bailleul Business Park has also made it possible to offer a 300 m2 showroom facility.

Large Volume 3D printers

Tractus3D large volume 3D printers are the perfect extension to the assortment of Dupli Data.
3D printing adds distinctive appearance to designs and offers totally new creative possibilities for their clients. With the collaboration, Tractus3D makes large volume 3D printing accessible to a wider audience. Dupli Data adds local market knowledge, which is indispensable to provide specific 3D printing solutions and personal customer service.

Dupli Data is very thrilled about the potential that 3D printing can contribute to the sign and graphics industry in France. With large volume 3D printing new revenue streams can be created which corresponds to their current activities.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Tractus3D in supporting and reselling the Tractus3D printers,” said Stéphane VanHaesebrouck, president and CEO of Dupli Data. “Large Volume 3D printers will enable our clients to implement a totally renewed view of the existing designs in the business.”

  • Duplia Data is a renowned company of large format inkjet print media, printers and services for the display graphics markets. With more than 25 years of experience in large format printing and equipment, this leads to unique products and highly skilled employees in order to provide the customer with an extensive portfolio.