The T2000 is here

Tractus3D is bringing large volume 3D printing to every office space with the release of the new T2000. A newly designed and re-engineered large volume 3D printer.

Tractus3D from Ammerzoden in the Netherlands is developing and manufacturing innovative and award-winning 3D printers for professional use, made for signage and retail, education, automotive, engineering and manufacturing applications. With their new 3D printer T2000 they are bringing large volume 3D printing to every office space.

Equipped with the fastest print head in the world

Interest for large volume 3D printing is bigger than ever and Tractus3D extends their LARGE VOLUME series with the T2000. A fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printer capable of printing up to 1 meter (39.4”) in height and 68 cm (26.7“) in diameter. This large volume 3D printer comes with a size of just 2 meters (78.7”) and is packed with the latest innovations from Tractus3D. Including the fastest print head in the world, the F033L, which ensures print speeds up to 300 mm/s.

Fits through every door

The T2000 is specially designed to be suitable for every company and office space. The new large format printer fits, with the width of 82cm (32.3”), through every normal door. Where the biggest printers from Tractus3D need a ceiling of 3 meters and higher, the T2000 is just 2 meters high. Ensuring it fits in every normal building. Making the T2000 a printer that can easily be moved around between office and workspaces.

“Not every company has a room or space to fit a 3D printer of 3,5 meters high or 2 meters in width”, said Daniel van Mourik, CTO of Tractus3D. “That’s why we’ve developed the T2000. Capable of printing real large volume prints, but designed to fit in every office. This makes the T2000 a perfect 3D printer for every company.”

Extending model program for LARGE VOLUME series

Tratus3D dominates the large volume 3D printing market with two of the largest 3D printers in the world, the T3500 and T3000. The introduction of T2000 makes the line up even more complete and making the step from small format desktop printers to real large volume even smaller.

The T2000 is our perfect sized industrial 3D printer. Print up to 1 meter high, and fits trough every door.