Importance of Channel Letters

Channel letters are signs that us 3D letters usually at the exterior of a building to spell out your business that draws attention of passers-by. They vary in either the name of the of the business, initials, or other messages, like “welcome” for example. Unlike signs, each letter is individual in structure, which gives your business a more stylish image. Channel letters can be lit from multiple angles, which gives it an appealing look, to pull more customers into your business.

Every letter is three-dimensional, and the depth of the character depends on the size of the letter, the font, and other elements. The fact that it is three-dimensional should already be a clear indication that it is something the 3D printing industry can certainly contribute too.

How important are channel letters to your business?

As a business owner, setting yourself apart from the rest of the businesses out there is no easy task. There are manty competitors trying to bring in customers, sometimes the same customers as you. Similarly, each business owner has their business strategy, branding, and marketing tactics that they use to make their products and services more enticing to the customer. So how can you assure your commercial space stays full of customers and clients despite competition?


You could always go back to the basics. You could have a huge social media following, or hits on your website from visitors, you need to gain the attention of the people who walk, drive, or ride past your place of business. Online, they are already goal orientated and specifically searching for a product or service. While when it comes to a passer-by, there is still a mystery, and opportunity to build a relationship with these potential customers and obtain a purchase. In in cases like this, promotional signage continues to reign supreme.

Why are channel letters helpful?

Channel letters are the main form of attracting customers. They stand out by being the first thing people see when they walk by your business, the 3D and lit letters stand out at night and most importantly they symbolize your brand. It has revolutionized over the course of time, from just painted, to becoming three-dimensional, to the addition of lights, its purpose has always remained the same, attract passers-by and get them into your business. They are consistently popular, especially now that so much creative freedom allowed for all kinds of businesses. It is becoming even more popular in every industry. With the new advancements, channel letters are also the most environmentally friendly signs.

How can channel letters help your business?

  • Flexible Design: With the help of 3D printing, channel letters can become anything you imagine them to be. When it comes to Channel letters you can choose the shape, size, colour, and style. 3D printing makes all these possible, especially when it comes to size, our SE series large volume 3D printers, allows you to reach up to one meter in diameter! Making size of your channel letters the least of your worries.

  • Indoors and Outdoors: Because you can have lit or unlit channel letters, and you are able to print any size. You can use channel letters outdoors but also indoors. You can also make eye-catching directional signs for your business. With the help of 3D printing, you can even assure that they match the signs used outdoors, which keeps the brand strong.

  • Brand recognition: Channel letters is an excellent way of communicating your brand name and image. With the capability of customizing thanks to 3D printing, you can get fonts and logo pairings that is thousands of passers-by can see every single day. Strong brand recognition allows anyone to recognize purely based on fonts, colours and lighting used for your channel letters. This allows you to come first to mind when your product or services needed.

  • Environmentally friendly: By 3D printing your channel letters, less materials go to waste, which is not only good for business, but also for the environment. You could even go further, by utilizing recycled or environmentally friendly materials for your 3D printed channel letters. Adding to the greener approach, if you choose to illuminate your channel letters, you could use LED bulbs, which are more energy efficient. They also last longer than traditional bulbs. Which is a terrific way to be more sustainable with your 3D printed channel letters.

How channel letters can benefit from 3D printing

With that, it is easy to see how Channel letters are important to any business, we have already talked about how 3D printing is beneficial to the Channel letter industry and how they could contribute to creating your signage. Channel letter signs is a terrific way to market your business, with endless design options. Whether it is to highlight your business or add an extra flair inside your building, our 3D printers can certainly help your business with either. Check out our printers and ask a quotation so we can provide you with a printer within your budget range.

Endless possibilities with 3D printed Channel letters

Where old fashioned techniques for making channel letters are limited to certain sizes and shapes, for example the depth of the channel letter is minimum 60mm. The possibilities with 3D printed channel letters are endless. Difficult shapes, serifs, sharp angles or other design elements can be easy realized, and also the depth can be much smaller, even getting down to under 30mm.

The process of printing 3D channel letters is very easy. As always it starts with the 3D design on the computer, from there you need to make sure the different parts fit together like a glove and make sure it is strong enough by design.

After that, you make sure it’s sliced properly with Simplify3D and then it’s just the easiest part, and that’s the 3D printing.

For this reason, adding a 3D printer to creating channel letters is beneficial for any business


We have been able to help businesses within the Signage industry to create their own signs and channel letters. Here is a case where Styles Werbetechnik was able to create channel letters with the help our 3D printers!

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