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Tractus3D T650 3D printer

Print up to 300 mm (11.8")

 Our small printer   Competitively priced    Shipped worldwide

Tractus3D T650 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing

Technical specifications of the T650

Build width
165 mm diameter (6.5")
Build height
300 mm (11.8")
Printer dimensions
371 x 324 x 845 mm
On request
FFF - also known as Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
300 mm/s
XYZ resolution
10 microns (0,01mm)
Maximum layer thickness
1mm (1000microns)
Max. extrusion volume
< 15 mm3/s
Print head
Build Plate temperature
10 - 120 degrees Celsius
Nozzle temperature
up to 300 degrees Celsius
Supported materials
All industrial 3D printing plastics (excl. high temperature)
Always including
Starter kit with Simplify3D software license

Let us introduce our small 3D printer, the T650

With our small FDM printer on your desk you can create small parts and specialised tools that would once take a lot longer to produce. The T650 is the smallest of our industrial 3D printers. This mini Delta 3D printer is versatile and convenient to use. The T650 boasts a high printing speed, a high accuracy (XY: 0,01mm) and a low weight, making it easy to put on your desktop or move around.


Max. printing size

165mm (6.5")

300mm (11.8")

Our T650 3D printers are used by:

Logo of Hans Boodt mannequins
logo of woonstad rotterdam
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The T650 can print a wide range of materials


3D printed object with the 3D printing materials ABS


3D printed object with the 3D printing materials PLA


Object that is made with the 3D printing material PETG


Object that is made with the 3D printing material TPU


Object that is made with the 3D printing material TPE

Want a sample of the T650?

See first hand what the capabilities are of the T650 3D printer? And what it could bring to your business, such as rapid prototyping at a fraction of the cost!

To receive your free sample and supporting information about the T650 3D printers, please leave your details in the form.

Object that is made with the 3D printing material ABS

All you need to know about the T650

Guaranteed: more advanced, complete and easier than any other comparable 3D printer

We understand what you need (And DON'T NEED) and you want to have the best value for your money. We don’t invest our time and resources in fancy designs or expensive marketing campaigns, but in making the most advanced 3D printers you can buy for that price.

Printhead of an industrial 3d printer

Fast printing speed - 300mm/s

When using an industrial 3D printer, you will want to see your finished object as soon as possible. At Tractus3D we know this feeling all too well, which is why the speed of our FDM 3D printer goes up to 300 millimeter per second. This means that an object of 0,5 kilo can be finished in less than 5 hours. With this speed, your 3D designs will become reality in no time.

Incredible resolution (10 microns)

When designing exquisite models for FDM 3D printing, you want them to be as detailed as possible so that you can truly see the expertise put into it. With a resolution of 0,01 millimeter (10 microns) on the XYZ-axis, Tractus3D printers can print even the finest details. When your objects do not require such detail, you can print at a lower resolution up to 1000 micron.

Touch screen of an industrial 3D printer

Large full colour touchscreen interface

The user-friendly full color 7 inch touch control enables you to easy operate the 3D printer. The modern and advanced interface has a lot of handy functionalities and you can conveniently choose which design you want to prints (4GB memory). The touchscreen also gives you the ability to modify settings directly on your FFF 3D printer during printing, such as temperatures and speeds.

Automatic build platform compensation

To ensure the first layer sticks to the build plate and has an even thickness, its important that the platform is ‘leveled’. With auto build platform calibration a sensor in the plate checks for any imperfections and automatically compensates it. The calibration is done in less than 50 seconds and you are ready to print. This saves a lot of time compared to manually calibrating and reduces the risk of a failed 3D printed object.

Heated printbed of an industrial 3D printer

Heated build platform

The heated build platform improves the adhesion of the first layers to the build plate. Each filament material requires a particular build platform temperature for optimal adhesion. A heated build platform reduces the risk of error while printing. The temperature of the heated print bed goes up to 120 degrees Celsius, enabling you to print with almost any material.

Print bed with low nozzle of an industrial 3D printer

Glass build plate

The heated build platform has a glass surface. The black colored surface allows you to use adhesives, for example glue sticks or hair spray. Prints will stick better to the bed, minimising the chance of uneven prints. When your print is finished you can easily clean the glass plate so it is ready for use next time you want to create something amazing.

Power button of an industrial 3D printer

Installed on location

We understand you want to start 3D printing large objects as fast as possible. All of large size 3D printers are installed on location. Just let the Tractus3D engineer explain you everything and start 3D printing your large objects.

Logo os Simplify3D 3D printing sofwareAlso a Simplify3D lifetime license is included for free. Smart 3D printing software to provide you the best results.

Decibel meter showing 28 decibels indicating a low noise level of an industrial 3D printer

Light and silent

We measure the noise level of our 3D printers regularly to make sure the sound level is as low as possible. We can assure you, operating at very low decibels (35 dB - 150 kg, dependent on build volume), the printer fades into the background to provide you an undisturbed working environment. It's possible to work next to the FFF printer without being distracted. Our large size 3D printer weighs a lot less than most big 3D printers, making it easy for you to move without having to take it apart.

Filament holder of an industrial 3D printer

Out of filament detection

When your 3D printer runs out of filament, it will go in stand-by mode, in which the nozzle will move to the side. Once you have added new filament, the print will continue where it left off and finish your object.
Also in unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage, you can continue your print from where it left off. This way, we ensure quick, foolproof FFF 3D printing processes and reduction of material waste.

Bronze filament of an industrial 3d printer with filament detection

Not tied to one supplier

Our 3D printers have an 'open filament system', offering you freedom of choice. This means you are free to choose your prefered filament supplier and not obligated to buy a particular brand. Print with over 20 different print materials, just make sure the filament is 1.75 millimeter in diameter.

Closed chamber of an industrial 3d printer

Closed chamber

The closed chamber preserves the heat of the industrial 3D printer. The casing makes sure temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum. As a result you are not limited in the print materials (filaments) you want to use. You will not have to compromise on the quality of your prints as well.

Maintenance being done on an industrial 3D printer

Easy to maintain

As is possible with any machine, some parts can get worn over time. If this happens, you can simply buy a replacement which you can easily install yourself. If you require assistance, our skilled engineers are always ready to offer support.

Industrial 3D printer printhead hold by engineer

Modulair build and upgradeable

With the modular build of our printers, new technologies can be added. Never work with an outdated Tractus3D printer, let our engineers update it to the latest standards (when new upgrades are available).

Robust construction of an industrial 3D printer

Robust construction

When you own a Tractus3D printer, you own a machine of superb quality. Made of aluminium with lexan casing, our industrial 3D printers are robust and durable. The large format printers even have a bulletproof casing.

And that is not all. You are always fully covered!

One of our core values is to support those who have supported us. If you have purchased our big delta 3D printer we will make sure you are taken care of, no questions asked. It is our belief that we have designed, tested, and manufactured the best possible big delta printer on the market. We want our customers to have the same confidence. Being a customer, you are a part of our family, so we have got you covered.

Button to click to the page about the 100% satisfaction guarantee of Tractus3D

Our 3D printers are built to perform. We value reputation more than money. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give a full peace-of-mind, safety and security.

Button to click to the page about Tractus3D printers being engineered in-house in Holland

Our printers are born from a passion for perfection—the goal to build the most advanced 3D printers in the world. While the trend is to outsource, we do everything possible in-house.

Button to click to the page about the superior quality of the Tractus3D printers

Tractus3D printers are built to the highest standards, making them the most advanced 3D printers you can buy for that price. We do things the right way, never the cheap way.

Button to click to the page about the 24 hours customer service of Tractus3D

As Tractus3D we take pride in the trust our customers have in us so want to offer everyone the best service possible. We promise, support is always just a call or e-mail away.

Button to click to the page about the easy maintainance of the 3D printers

As is possible with any machine, some parts of it can malfunction or get worn over time. That is why we designed our 3D printers in a way that they are easy to maintain.

Tractus3D T650 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing

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