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3D printing large objects at high resolution

The ability to use 3D printing to enhance business operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency is exactly why a FDM printer has become a popular solution. If you’re looking for a 3D printer for 3D printing big objects the T3000 is an excellent choice. It has a much larger build size than most other industrial 3D printers and can print fast at high resolution.

✓ highest resolution

✓ can handle more materials than comparable big Delta 3D printers

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF / FDM)
Print head
Single or dual
Maximum speed
Printer dimensions (mm)
1500 x 1500 x 3000
Build volume (mm)
1000 diameter x 1450 height (1540 center)
XY resolution
0,02mm (20 microns)
Z resolution
0,05mm (50 microns)
Maximum layer thickness
3mm (3000 microns)
Build plate temperature
100 degrees Celsius
Nozzle temperature
300 degrees Celsius
Supported materials
All 3D printing plastics excluding high temperature
Noise level
LAN (RJ45)
Nett weight
150 kg
1st year SLA, one copy of Simplify3D software and a starter kit
a Tractus3D engineer will take care of the installation on location and will assist you for a maximum of 4 days
VAT and shipping costs outside of the Netherlands

More features than any other comparable system - your best choice for 3D printing large objects!

Automatic build platform compensation

To ensure the first layer sticks to the build platform and has an even thickness it’s important that the platform is ‘leveled’. A sensor in the build plate checks for any imperfections and automatically compensates it. The calibration is done in less than 50 seconds and you are ready to print. Without automatic build platform compensation you have to manually level the build plate. This is always tricky and requires a lot of tweaking.

Incredible resolution

0,02 mm (20 microns)

Even when 3D printing large objects, you want them to be as detailed as possible so that you can truly see the expertise put into it. After all that effort, being disappointed with the end result would be the last thing you want. With a resolution of 0,02 millimeter (20 microns) on the XY-axis and a resolution 0,05 millimeter (50 microns) on the Z-axis, our large volume 3D printer can capture even the finest details.

Printhead of an industrial 3d printer

Fast printing speed

300 millimeter per second

When using your large volume 3D printer, you will want to see your finished object as soon as possible. At Tractus3D we know this feeling all too well, which is why our 3D printing speed goes up to 300 millimeter per second. With this speed, your favourite 3D models will become reality in no time. However, when you require objects with great precision, it is probably wise to print a bit slower for a higher accuracy.

Filament holder of an industrial 3D printer

No standstill

In unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage, you can continue your print from where it left off. This way, we ensure quick, foolproof large volume 3D printing processes and reduction of material waste. Once your large 3D printer runs out of filament, it will go in stand-by mode, in which the nozzle will move to the side. Once you have added new filament, the print will continue where it left off and you can continue 3D printing your large objects.

Decibel meter showing 28 decibels indicating a low noise level of an industrial 3D printer

Light and silent

32 dB - 150 kg

Operating at extremely low decibels, the large printer fades into the background to provide you with an undisturbed working environment.

Our large size 3D printer weighs a lot less than most big 3D printers, making it easy for you to move without having to take it apart.

Power button of an industrial 3D printer

Installed on location

We understand you want to start 3D printing large objects as fast as possible. All of large size 3D printers are installed on location. Just let the Tractus3D engineer explain you everything and start 3D printing your large objects.

Maintenance being done on an industrial 3D printer

Easy maintenance

As is possible with any machine, some parts of it can malfunction or get worn over time. If this unexpectedly happens, you can simply buy a replacement which you can easily install yourself. If you require assistance, our skilled engineers are always ready to offer support.

Touch screen of an industrial 3D printer

Touch control

The touch screen gives you the ability to modify the settings you require for your prints directly on your large volume 3D printer using a modern and advanced interface. a modern and advanced interface.

Robust construction of an industrial 3D printer

Robust construction

Bulletproof, lexan casing

When you own a Tractus3D printer, you own a machine of superb quality. Made of aluminum with a bulletproof, lexan casing, our large size 3D printers are robust and durable.

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Fast and smart manufacturing of large objects up to 1/10 of the costs

Rotterdam uses 3D printing for construction - costs are reduced with 70%.

Through the introduction of 3D printing, the construction industry has changed. 3D printing makes construction processes and projects a lot more efficient and streamlined. One example of this is the way in which renovation work on old, historic buildings is carried out. The 3D printed constructions have exceptional strength, durability and they are lightweight, making them far more durable than the original gutters. Read more >

The original old gutter
The original old gutter
Tractus3D engineer is montaging the 3D printed ornament
Installation of the large 3D printed construction
Detail of the 3D printed ornament
Detail of the 3D printed ornament
The 3D printed ornament is shown on the building
The 3D printed ornament shown on the building

3D printing mannequins reduces the production time from 8 weeks to 2 days.

Mannequins are the ultimate form of display for every clothing store around the world. When the finest brands in fashion need mannequins, they go to Hans Boodt Mannequins, a Dutch company that makes unique high-end mannequins for the most discerning fashion designers and brands. Customers are fashion labels such as Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. With help of 3D printing the mannequins can be manufactured faster. Read more >

Designers of Hans Boodt 3D modeling mannequins for 3D printing sculptures of mannequins
Designing the Mannequins
Side view of a life size 3D printed sculpture of a mannequin
The 3D printed sculpture of a mannequin
Owner of Hans Boodt standing in front of Tractus3D life size 3D printers
Owner of Hans Boodt in front of large 3D printer
Heads of life size fashion mannequins that are 3D printed making use of the Tractus3D life size industrial 3D printers
Customizing the mannequins is much easier thanks to 3D printing sculptures

No worries about new systems anymore - With our SLA you'll always have the newest technology!

Tractus3D printers are built to last. We are so confident in the quality, craftsmanship and durability of our large volume 3D printer that we can offer an industry-leading Service Level Agreement. So by purchasing our large size 3D printer, you will never have to make a large investment in another big delta printer again. The large 3D printer is modularly built, which means that you can upgrade it with the newest technologies at any time. Whenever our newest technology hits the market, you can purchase it from our website and incorporate it in your current printer. By signing a Service Level Agreement, you get a huge discount on all of these improvements. You will never have an old model again!

You know what? We always have you covered!

One of our core values is to support those who have supported us. If you have purchased our large 3D printer we will make sure you are taken care of, no questions asked. It is our belief that we have designed, tested, and manufactured the best possible large size 3D printer on the market. We want our customers to have the same confidence. Being a customer, you are a part of our family, so we have got you covered.

Our 3D printers are built to perform. We value reputation more than money. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give a full peace-of-mind, safety and security.

Our 3D printers are born from a passion for perfection - the goal to build the worlds best 3D printers. While the trend is to outsource, we do everything in-house.

Tractus3D printers are built to the highest standards, making them the best large volume 3D printers you can buy for that price. We do things the right way, never the cheap way.

As Tractus3D we take pride in the trust our customers have in us so we want to offer the best service possible. We promise, support is always just one message away.

As is possible with any printer, some parts of it can malfunction or get worn over time. That is why we designed our printers in a way that they are easy to maintain.

Tractus3D big delta 3D printer 3D printing a big object

Manage prototyping and production of large parts yourself, for an unbeatable price

Tractus3D embraces innovation in any way possible. We do not like good, we want great or perfect. While the latter is difficult to achieve with our mindset to always keep improving, we feel like we are doing a pretty good job. We get to use our passion to create a state-of-the-art product range. We incorporate all of the latest technology in our 3D printers. That is how we make sure that we stay ahead of the competition.

Tractus3D has a industrial 3D printer for every job imaginable. We never compromise on quality, which is why all production is kept in-house to ensure our Dutch craftsmanship is used to make every industrial printer we build the best it can possibly be.

One of the big guys, the T3000 has a much larger build size than most other professional printers in our product range. It is engineered for 3D printing large objects and can print objects with a diameter of 1000 millimeters and a height of up to 1540 millimeters. With its 3 meters in height, it functions as the perfect machine for 3D printing large objects as well as a beautifully crafted centerpiece for the room you put it in.

Our other industrial 3D printers

Tractus3D T650 Industrial 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing


Price: €1.999,-
170 diameter x 285 height
(315 center)

Tractus3D T850 industrial 3D FDM Printer for production grade FDM printing


Price: €2.499,-
280 diameter x 345 height
(405 center)

Tractus3D T1250 3D FDM printer for industrial 3D printing


Price: €3.899,-
360 diameter x 605 height
(675 center)

Tractus 3D T650P PEEK Industrial 3D Printer


Price: €7.900,-
3D printing all (also high temperature) plastics

Tractus3D T3500 big delta 3D Printer


Price: €44.500,-
1000 diameter x 2000 height
(2100 center)