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What makes Tractus3D… so different?

Tractus3D printers are born from a passion for perfection — a single-minded goal to build the most advanced and affordable 3D printers in the world. Tractus3D printers give you the freedom to realize your wildest dreams. We have the right printer for everything you can possibly think of, no matter how small or how big you would like to print it. We can even handle high temperature materials such as PEEK and PEI. But what makes us really different? You can read more about that below.

A big size Tractus3D printer is being used for large volume FDM 3D printing

We understand your ROI is important

✓ We develop advanced 3D printers that are affordable

Tractus3D differentiates itself by developing powerful 3D printers that are still affordable. Hereby we make prototyping and producing with 3D printing accessible for every business.

We understand you want to have the best value for your money. We don’t invest our time and resources in fancy designs or expensive marketing campagnes but in making the most advanced 3D printers you can buy for that price. All our 3D printers have a robust construction, closed chamber and automatic build platform compensation which are all needed for a great 3D printing result.

And while the trend is to outsource, we do everything possible in-house, under one roof. This may cost us a little bit extra but this homegrown effort is the only way to meet our stringent quality standards and exceed your expectations.

2 Tractus3D employees working on the large size 3D printers

We understand… what you need (and don’t need!)

✓ Our 3D printers are designed with your needs in mind

Fast innovation

When designing exquisite models, you will want to see your finished object as soon as possible. At Tractus3D we know this feeling all too well, which is why our speed goes up to 600 millimeters per second.

No waste of materials

In unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage, you can continue your print from where it left off. This way, we ensure quick, foolproof printing processes and reduction of material waste. Once the delta printer runs out of filament, it will go in stand-by mode, in which the nozzle will move to the side. Once you have added new filament, the print will continue where it left off.

Easy to handle and maintain

All our machines are ‘ready to print’ or installed on location so you can start using your 3D printier as fast as possible. As is possible with any machine, some parts of it can malfunction or get worn over time. If this unexpectedly happens, you can simply buy a replacement which you can easily install yourself.
Operating at low decibels, it’s possible to work next to the 3D printer without being distracted. We developed one of the lightest 3D printers so you can easily move it around without having to take it apart.

Freedom in print quality

Of course you want your creation to be as detailed as possible so that you can truly see the effort and expertise put into it. The touch screen gives you the ability to immediately modify the settings you require. With a resolution of 0,01 millimeter (10 microns) on the XY-axis and a resolution 0,05 millimeter (50 microns) on the Z-axis, our 3D printers can capture even the finest details. And even at high speed, our resolution remains top notch.

Freedom in material choice

Our 3D printers can handle more materials then other 3D printers in the market so you have optimal flexibility in the materials you want to use for your objects. We don’t make you dependent of us, you can buy all your materials at your preferred supplier.

3D printing engineer in front of the T3500 showing a torso which is 3D printed on this large size 3D printer

We understand you want to minimise your risk

✓ We always have you covered

Continuous support

We have built up a successful company over the years thanks to the quality of our products, great customer service and strong relationships with our suppliers. We do not want to lose this trust and therefore will always remain true to our promises. If you own a 3D printer, you want to get any issues resolved as quickly as possible. By offering support on-location or from a distance, we will make sure your faulty printer is ready to print once again in a short time.

Always the latest technology

Every day a new 3D printing technology hits the market but we make sure you don’t have to worry about this. By purchasing a Tractus3D printer, you will never have to make a large investment in another printer again. Our 3D printers are modularly built, which means that you can upgrade it at any time. Whenever our newest technology hits the market, you can purchase it from our website and incorporate in your current 3D printer. You will never have an old model again!

We understand not every business is the same

✓ We have a 3D printer for every business goal

Do you want to print large parts at once or produce a lot of small parts on one printsession, we make it possible. Need light weight parts that have the same strenght as metal, with our PEEK 3D printer you can make it happen.

Tractus3D T650 Industrial 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing

T650 (S)

Build volume: 170 diameter x 285 height
(315 center)

Tractus3D T850 industrial 3D FDM Printer for production grade FDM printing

T850 (M)

Build volume: 280 diameter x 345 height
(405 center)

Tractus3D T1250 3D FDM printer for industrial 3D printing

T1250 (L)

Build volume: 360 diameter x 605 height
(675 center)

Tractus 3D T650P PEEK Industrial 3D Printer

T650P (PEEK)

3D printing all plastics
(including high

The T850P PEEK 3D printer features a heated chamber

T850P (PEEK)

3D printing all plastics
(including high

Tractus3D T3000 3D Industrial printer for 3D printing large objects

T3000 (XL)

Build volume: 1000 diameter x 1450 height
(1540 center)

Tractus3D T3500 big delta 3D Printer

T3500 (XXL)

Build volume: 1000 diameter x 2000 height
(2100 center)

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