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Great industrial 3D printers with great service

We are extremely passionate about our 3D printers. We put our hearts and souls in them, so it fills us with pride to see that companies all around the world are using our products. To ensure that they can use them in the best possible way, we strive to deliver great service alongside our 3D printers. We have certain pillars that we measure our service with, which we would like to explain to you.

Dutch craftmanship

We keep everything possible in-house, to ensure that our craftsmanship is applied exactly the way we want it. We take pride in our Dutch heritage, as it stands for quality and innovation. You see this mindset in everything that we do and get to benefit from it!


Ultimate satisfaction

We want our customers to be happy with their Tractus3D printer(s). We make sure our 3D printer are built to the highest of standards and the best prices. If you still feel like there is a better 3D printer than ours, just contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.


Future-proof solution

Since we keep all manufacturing in-house, we can offer an industry-leading Service Level Agreement to our customers. Our SLA offers free print head cleaning, discounts on upgraded- and worn parts as well as filaments and guarantees the best support.


The best quality around

We know our 3D printers are of the best quality, so we would like to tell you all about why that is! With flexibility in material choice, incredible resolution at a high speed and a modular build, among other things, a Tractus3D printer is the last printer you will ever own.


Easy maintenance

Tractus3D printers are built to perfection, but also easy to maintain. You can replace worn parts easily and add upgraded technology to it in a blink of an eye due to the fact they are modularly built. If you require assistance, we are always willing and capable of helping you out.


Continuous support

Our 3D printers are of a really high quality, which makes us extremely proud. However, it is possible that something does not go entirely as planned. Simply contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible so you can continue 3D printing.


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