How 3D printed displays can strengthen your company brand.

Businesses thrive to have a strong and recognizable brand. One method that businesses, especially in retail, try to increase recognition and strengthen their brand is by implementing point of sale displays. Point of sale displays have many advantages wherever business decide to place them.


They could be placed in stores, outside of stores and different events. Either way, point of sale displays always manage to draw attention wherever you place them. The more unique and different, the more attention it draws.Most importantly, they can help both retailers and buyers recognize and love your brand.


Two obvious advantages of point of sale displays is that it increases the brand awareness and additionally contributes to increasing sales. Point of sale displays could easily be produced with the help of 3D printers. These are just a couple of benefits that point of sale displays could benefit businesses. But how can 3D printing contribute to Point of sale displays?

Stand out at events and fairs

Bring your products to life, with the help of 3D printers. By creating a life size 3D printed display of your product, you are able to stand out at these different events, but also draw attention to your business. Where many are reliant on posters, flyers and signs, you are able to set yourself apart from everyone else and become the highlight of the event.

Certainly allows you to stand out from the rest, but also provide eye catching 3D printed point of sale objects that will certainly draw attention to you and your business.

3d Printed Display

Catch customer’s eye

Similar to events, placing your point of sale display in stores will help you catch the customer’s eye. When your product is placed on shelves, having a unique packaging might not be enough to set yourself apart from your competitors. Adding a 3D printed display, increases the chance that buyers will notice your brand and potentially make a sale.

Strategize locations

Point of sale displays can be placed in strategic locations, where it could draw the most attention. 3D printed displays can easily be moved and placed where it could best benefit your business. It could be in any situation, your placement in a store or an event, you can strategize your location and place your 3D printed display. This way your display catches the eyes of those you are trying to target. Additionally, due to the durability of materials that can be 3D printed, you are even able to put your 3D printed displays outdoors.

3D printed bottle

Adapt and alter displays

One unique aspect that 3D printing your display could be that post printing you could design it to fit the occasion, surroundings, weather or whatever you as a business needs. Sure, 3D printing a life size literal copy of your products. Or you could recreate the product but through design, post-print design you can alter the display to adapt to the occasion, adding different text, information or designs, that could contribute to your marketing campaign.

This is why we see 3D printers, especially our Tractus3d printers as great contributors and essential for any advertising agency looking to stand out and expand their services.

Life size 3D printed display

Point of sale displays are essential for any business and could allow business to strengthen their brand identity, so applying 3D printed displays to your business as you can see, brings an array of benefits. All you need to do is add a Tractus3D printer to your business and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.