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Tractus3D Provides Optimal Service on Industrial 3D Printers

Our Services

We do not only strive to have the best 3D printers in the industry, but we also strive to have the same quality level for our customer support.

Over the years we have grown into a successful company thanks to the quality of our products, great customer service and the close relationships with our suppliers and customers. We take pride in the trust our customers have in us and want to continue offering everyone the best service possible.

The Delta 3D Printer is Printing Yellow Material Filament

Repair and spare parts

We make high quality printers that will not fail you when you need them most. However, it is still a machine, so some parts might get worn over time or malfunction in some way. We will make sure that you get the optimal results out of your 3D printing. We do this by offering support on-location or from a distance and together we will make sure your faulty 3D printer is Ready to Print once again in no time.

You might not even need our help either. Our printers are easily repaired without the need of a professional engineer. All you need is some spare parts just in case. Luckily, we always have these parts in stock in case something goes wrong, even for our older models.

Software and print models

Having a 3D printer without 3D design software is not an ideal situation. That is why we include Simplify3D with all our 3D printers, so that you can get started straight away.

If you are already used to a different program, you have nothing to worry about either! You are capable of using all open source software programs on our 3D printers and you will still get Simplify3D; just in case you change your mind.

Custom made

We have several different sizes with different functions in our 3D printer product range. Do you have any specific requests that you would like us to incorporate? Please feel free to ask, because we love a good challenge! Anything from a change of color to more difficult attributes such as a slightly larger model; we are always willing to discuss the possibilities. With your ideas and our skillfulness, we can create almost anything.


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Tractus3D Provides High Level Service on Industrial 3D Printers

We are so confident in the quality and durability of our 3D printers that we can offer an industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

Tractus3D Develops Easy to Maintain Modular Build Industrial 3D Printers

We designed our 3D printers in a modular way so that they are easy to maintain and you can quickly continue printing.

Tractus3D Provides a Satisfaction Guarantee on 3D Printers

We value our reputation more than money and want to give you a full peace-of-mind, safety and security.