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The 3D Printing process minimizes risks.

Many industries are looking for ways to reduce the risk of errors during the process of developing a product or part. After creating a design in CAD software, a lot of companies outsource the production of the prototype part. After receiving the prototype back, a design often needs to be further optimized, and again a prototype needs to be made. These steps can repeat themselves a couple of times. 3D printing minimizes the risk of errors during this process. In this case you can check the design through creating a production ready prototype (3D print), before going ahead with the final design.

With 3D printing you can produce the prototype without having to outsource, decreasing the number of steps from design to tangible product. No miscommunication, no logistic delays, less errors. When designing the part in for example AutoCAD or SolidWorks, you can simply save the design as STL file and import the model in the 3D printing software. After indicating the required settings (for example the print material and resolution you prefer), you can save it as Gcode file and transfer it to the 3D printer.

Interested in the other pros of 3D printing? Read more about the advantages of 3D printing for companies.

Person working on a laptop, making a 3D model in Simplify 3d

The main 3D printing advantages:

A. Stay ahead of competition
B. Reduce time
C. Reduce errors
D. Reduce costs
E. Confidentiality
F. Production on demand

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17. September 2018
Banner of the TCT Show focused on 3D printing

World’s leading design-to-manufacturing event focused on 3D printing. Visit Tractus3D at stand F36 to experience the amazing possibilities of large volume 3D printing (more than 2 meters/6.6 feet high!). We will also introduce a new high temperature 3D printer which can handle special materials like (Carbon) PEEK, the ideal alternative for metal. When: 24 –…

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From 2D into 3D in the Sign and Graphics Industry

13. September 2018
Demonstration of large volume 3D printing at Papergraphics

Press Release (Large Volume 3D Printing). Ammerzoden, Netherlands, 10 September 2018 – Tractus3D, manufacturer of large volume 3D printers, has signed a partnership with Papergraphics, a company with over 35 years of experience as leading supplier to the large format printing industry. Together they are inspiring the sign and graphics industry about the opportunities of…

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New Case Study: Weight of Vehicle Reduced by 40%

21. August 2018
Shell Eco-marathon Vehicle with 3D Printed Parts

Energy Efficiency Increased. We have published a new case study about the HAN Hydromotive team using 3D printing. The automotive engineers invested in a Tractus3D printer and are using it for prototyping and to produce end-products as well. As a result they decreased costs and accelerated the development time. Thanks to the 3D printed parts…

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