Ranked Among the Best Large Format and PEEK 3D Printers

We are proud that our 3D printers are listed among the best printers at several independent websites. Especially the large format T3500 and the high-temperature PEEK printer, the T650P, receive a lot of attention.

Top 10 largest 3D printers in the world

The German website ‘Produktion’ published an article in February about the top 10 largest 3D printers in the world. The Tractus3D T3500 is proudly listed on the third place. The machines which are listed first and second can construct buildings, which is another kind of technology and market.

Big, bigger, biggest

3D printing platform and database, Aniwaa< listed the T3500 among the best large 3D printers with very large build volumes. Aniwaa states that: ‘’Large scale 3D printers have been in the spotlight for quite some time. When we say large scale, we mean large – these machines can 3D print objects with dimensions of over 1 meter. Indeed, they can be used to 3D print pieces of furniture, large prototypes, or several series of smaller objects in one go.’’

Currently the Tractus3D T3500 is the largest commercially available delta 3D printer. The T3500 has the ability to print 1000 millimeters in diameter x 2000 millimeters in height (2100 millimeters in center).

Best PEEK and ULTEM 3D Printers

The T850P, our high temperature PEEK 3D printer, is ranked among the ‘Best PEEK and ULTEM 3D printers’ by Aniwaa and 3DNatives. According to 3DNatives the growing interest of professionals for more technical printing materials is being felt. Focusing on two thermoplastics, the PEEK and its more affordable version ULTEM, these are two high-performance polymers that have been growing in popularity in recent years. The main characteristics of the filaments are a high mechanical performance (strong) and a very good resistance to high temperatures.