The Mohawk

An upgrade you need: The Mohawk, is our filament warmer and holder. With stable temperatures and dry enviroments combined, the Mohawk combined with our 3D printers will ensure even better print quality. Specialy designed for the T850P in our PRO series, and the T850 and T1250 in our DESK series.

T850P with mohawk and base 850 - 3d peek printer
T850P with mohawk and base 850 - 3d peek printer
Physical dimensions
Dimensions476 mm x 215 mm x 410 mm
Chamber temperatureup to 80 ºC (176 ºF)
Net. weight6300 grams
Power rating max. 230V - 1A (max 230W)
Max. filament spool weight Up to 8000 grams spools
Filament holderSelf centering
Heat up time < 6 min (up to 60 °C / 140 ºF)
Compatible with
PRO seriesT850P
DESK seriesT850, T1250
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What you need to know about the Mohawk

It’s our mission to produce the best 3D printers in the world, as a result The Mohawk emerged.

With the closed and heated filament chamber, your filament will be dry and pre-heated before every print. Consequently this ensures the best print quality and prevents warping of the printed object. Very useful for every material and extremely suitable for the high temperature polymers like PEEK. A phenomenal upgrade for your Tractus3D printer!


We designed the Mohawk with the high temperature polymers in mind. Therefore the compatibility is mainly focused on our PRO series, and in specific the T850P. However we also made it compatible with a part of our DESK series. The T850 and T1250 are both suitable for this upgrade. To summarize, this upgrade is suitable for three of our best selling 3D printers.

Heated chamber

Dry and pre-heated filament ensures even better print results than ever. Specifically high polymers like PEEK need to be stored dry and should be pre-heated in an oven. Until now you needed to do this manually. However with this upgrade you have everything in one place. The filament is stored dry and pre heated up to 65 °C, ensuring the best filament for every print.

Mohawk with door open
  • ✓ Heated filament chamber
  • ✓ Self centering filament holder
  • ✓ For spools up to 8kg
  • ✓ Compatible with T850P, T850 and T1250
  • ✓ Compatible with all industrial 3D printing material

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