The Base 850

Our add-on for the T850P from our PRO series and the T850 from the DESK series: the Base 850. Another add-on that will help you in your 3D printing journey.

Base 850 open door
T850P with mohawk and base 850 - 3d peek printer
Base 850 open door
T850P with mohawk and base 850 - 3d peek printer
Physical dimensions
Dimensions480 mm x 550 mm x 820 mm
Total height with printer 1927 mm
Total height with printer and mohawk 2075 mm
Net weight19 kg
Material2 mm Aluminium
Drawer size 302 mm x 206 mm x 62mm
Space for 2x 8 kg spools
Extra printhead, 3DLac spray, Spatel etc
Compatible with
PRO seriesT850P
DESK seriesT850
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What you need to know

This add-on offers space for storing the most important materials, including up to two big spools, right at your 3D printer. Next to the storage space you will also be able to work at the perfect height with our printers. No need put the printer on your desk or a table, the Base 850 is the perfect place for our 3D printer.

Perfect height

Store your filament rolls, your spatula, the 3DLac and your spare print heads. Above all, work at the perfect height. We took the height very serious when we designed this add-on. Compared to putting your 3D printer on your desk, which can be different heights, you can now work at eye level. Consequently you don’t have any physical problems and can handle the whole 3D printer the right way.

Store your stuff

When we are 3D printing, we need to use different materials. First of all an adhesive for the print, but also a spatula to remove the print. Probably the most important thing, we need filament. That being the case the Base allows you to store all these materials right underneath your 3D printer.

Base 850 open door
  • ✓ Compatible with T850 and T850P
  • ✓ 3 drawers
  • ✓ Store up to two 8 kg spools
  • ✓ Work on the right height!

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