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The Tractus3D difference

What sets Tractus3D printers apart from all other printers on the market?

Consider these key differentiators and their impact on your business

Tractus3D printers are born from a passion for perfection —a single-minded goal to build the most advanced and affordable 3D printers in the world.

Flexibility in material choice

Have unlimited flexibility in the materials you want to use

Tractus3D printers can handle pretty much all plastics on the market. We want you to have optimal design flexibility, so that you can push the limits of your respective industry. Even the most difficult plastics, such as PEEK and ULTEM™/PEI, can be printed with our T650P 3D printer.

Incredible resolution while printing fast

Increases 3D printing output and speeds up production time

When designing exquisite models, you will want to see your finished object detailed and as soon as possible, so that you can truly see the effort and expertise put into it. That is why our 3D printing speed goes up to 600 millimeters per second. And with a resolution of 0,01 millimeter (10 microns) on the XY-axis and a resolution 0,05 millimeter (50 microns) on the Z-axis, our 3D printers can capture even the finest details.

As BIG as you need

 Do not let your ideas be restricted by size

High accuracy at a large volume; that is what our T3000 and T3500 3D printers offer. With the Tractus3D large volume printers, you can print life-like objects all in one go in a wide variety of materials, while retaining the great accuracy and printing speed of our smaller 3D printer range.

Easy to upgrade and maintain

Always be sure you have the latest technology and save time and money by eliminating long down-time for maintenance

By purchasing a Tractus3D printer, you will never have to make a large investment in another printer again. Our 3D printers are modularly built, which means that they are easy to maintain and you can upgrade it at any time.

Heart, soul and Dutch perfection

Just some things that set Tractus3D apart from other companies

Tractus3D printers are born from a passion for perfection

6 years ago in Holland, Daniël van Mourik wanted to test the (relatively) new technology called 3D printing, to build a custom part for one of his customers. Using a 3D printer awoke something in young Daniël. The engineer-inventor (and incurable tinkerer) became both frustrated and fascinated with the possibilities that were still unexplored. Those feelings put a quest in motion to build a 3D printer that does the job as it is supposed to.

Obsessed with Innovation

From that moment forward, his passion and pride have only grown. Along the way, the assortment of 3D printers Daniël invented grew as well. A big volume 3D printer was added and his urge for innovation led to one of the first high temperature 3D printers in the industry. Pride in our products has become so deeply engrained in the Tractus3D culture that it influences every aspect of our business. The same relentless attention to detail that goes into the manufacturing of every 3D printer in our Ammerzoden facility extends to our customer service. We want customers to be as thrilled with their Tractus3D printer as we are. That is why we do whatever it takes to make that happen.

It is not an appliance, it is a business changer

Helping businesses innovate more easily and make impactful 3D prints is what drives us. It is more than commerce to us; it is our cause. We use only the highest quality parts to ensure hassle-free 3D printing, which further benefits the customer.

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