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Meet our PRO series

High Temperature PEEK 3D printers

Searching for the best solution for creating strong and lightweight parts yourself?

This is not easy as the market is full of different systems and technologies that all claim to be the best. Are you looking for an industrial PEEK 3D printer that is:

  Fast, accurate and robust?   Handles high temperatures?   Competitively priced?   Low-risk?


Tractus 3D T650P PEEK Industrial 3D Printer

         Build Volume (mm): 165 diameter x 300 height
         Nozzle temperature: up to 450 degrees Celsius
         Build Plate temperature: up to 175 degrees Celsius
         Heated Chamber temperature: N/A
         3D Printing Resolution: 10 - 1000 microns
         Filaments: All, including high performance


Incl. Heated Chamber

The T850P PEEK 3D printer features a heated chamber

          Build Volume (mm): 280 diameter x 400 height
          Nozzle temperature: up to 450 degrees Celsius
          Build Plate temperature:up to  175 degrees Celsius
          Heated Chamber temperature: up to 65 degrees Celsius
          3D Printing Resolution: 10 - 1000 microns
          Filaments: All, including high performance

3D printing has many advantages compared to traditional manufacturing

  • It is a complementary tool that can be integrated into current manufacturing processes to reduce steps, time to market and costs.
  • You can produce complex geometries such as lattice structures and conformal channels to improve performance.
  • Merge multiple parts into single or fewer components to improve reliability and reduce inventory.
  • You can create fully bespoke and customized components to improve performance.
  • You can deal easier and faster with design modifications.
  • Light weight parts and only use build material where it is needed.
  • Reduced tooling costs: parts can be manufactured directly without the need for tooling.
  • Rapid design iterations right up to the manufacture.
  • Produce the parts at or next to your desk.
  • Waste can be reused: thermoplastic materials can be melted, cured (cooled down such that they become solid), melted again, cured again, and so forth.
Infographic of High Performance Materials like PEEK

Take it to the next level with high performance thermoplastics

Within the 3D printing industry, one of the top notch materials is PEEK. This high-performance material has amazing properties, such as chemical resistance, a low moisture absorption and great durability and strength. 3D printing PEEK is used for both prototyping and small batch production, it sees its application (among others) in the medical, aerospace and automotive industry. PEEK can also be used as a substitute for metals in certain applications.

Similar to PEEK is the material ULTEM (PEI). This thermoplastic boasts a high temperature resistance, great dielectric strength and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. ULTEM is a great material for medical use due to its low moisture absorption and it is used in aeroplanes as well. It is a cheaper alternative to PEEK, making it more suitable for prototyping. Because PEEK and ULTEM have a higher melting point compared to 'regular' thermoplastics, you need a 3D printer which can handle higher temperatures. Tractus3D high temperature PEEK printers are especially developed to be capable of printing a wide variety of high-performance materials.

Let us introduce your best choices for smarter and faster manufacturing with high performance materials

Most advanced   Competitively priced   You are always covered

Tractus3D printers are born from a passion for perfection, a single-minded goal to build the most advanced industrial 3D printers in the world. We differentiate ourselves by developing powerful high temperature PEEK 3D printers which are still affordable. Hereby making prototyping and small batch production accessible for every business.

Our PEEK 3D printers boast a fast printing speed, a high accuracy and low weight, making it easy to move them around to any location you desire. The printers are perfect for printing objects extremely accurately and have a good temperature stability due to the fact that the 3D printers have a closed chamber.

The T850P comes with a newly developed heated chamber and provides thermal management to ensure a quality output. The PEEK 3D printer enables to create prototypes out of superior materials such as (Carbon) PEEK, PEEKQ and ULTEM. But conventional materials like PLA and PETG are printable as well.

You are always fully covered with our Service Level Agreement

  Free print head cleaning service

  Extra print head to avoid downtime

  Unlimited support

Discount on filaments and parts

Free cleaning of your print heads
A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is included for free* with our PEEK 3D printers. As part of the SLA, you receive a spare print head in case your current one gets dirty. Just swap the print heads and send us the dirty one. We we will clean it -at no cost-  and send it back to you.

Our support team is at your service
Ask us anything about your PEEK 3D printer, the settings or the use of material. We are always happy to help you getting the most out of the printer.

Discounts on upgrades and consumables
With the modular build of Tractus3D printers, new features can be added. Thanks to the SLA, you receive 50% discount on all (spare) parts and upgrades. So the PEEK 3D printer is future proof. On top of all the other benefits, you get a 20% discount on filament.

*First year for free, worth € 900,-.

Examples how others used our PEEK 3D printers

3D printed custom motorcycle parts cost 90% less

3D printing custom bike parts has enabled Joost Motoren to widen their service and take on more customers while it also means that there is no limit to what they can achieve. This new working process  makes it possible for Joost Motoren to create the final part in just a few hours. There is no longer the need to rely and wait on external suppliers. It also means that the designs of the 3D printed bike parts became owned by Joost Motoren and this safeguards the intellectual property of the company.

Installation of the BMW 3D printed custom lamp case
Installation of the BMW 3D printed custom lamp case
Showing the 3D printed custom motorcycle part on the actual motorcycle
Logo of Joost Motoren

The old methods involve trial and error and used to be time-consuming. Since the implementation of 3D printing into their working processes, the delivering time and number of errors have been significantly reduced. There are less people involved and there are no physical products to break or damage. “For my customers, this service has an enormous advantage as I could really fulfill all of their wishes and they were no longer dependent on the standard retail parts. I can 3D Print the hard to find spare parts now.”. Read more here about the advantages of 3D printing for Joost Motoren.

Customized orthopedic solutions are developed faster

The results for Orto+ are quite phenomenal as there is now a level of accuracy that comes with using a 3D printer that has never been seen before. Orto+ now has the ability to create many different kinds of 3D printed prosthetics that are anatomically correct and designed around the needs of each user. Alongside this, the process is also more cost effective and efficient. 3D printing offers them the possibility to alter the whole production process in a way that has never been seen before.

An arm with bio sensors on it
An arm with a 3D printed prothese
A 3D printed orthopedic solution for the arm
Logo of Orto+

Creating orthopaedic models using traditional methods involved specialist technicians who have the experience, skills, knowledge and training to manage the task. However, now the whole process is automated while customization is taken to a whole new level. “On average it takes 2-3 design iterations before a design is finalized. Through using 3D printing, we can simply create individual designs in a timeframe that is shorter, more cost efficient and require a lot less labour.” You can read more here about the benefits of 3D printing for Orto+.

Do you also want to cut your prototyping and production costs?

As with all new technologies it takes a bit of time to get used to it. But no worries, we are always there to help you out. Most of our customers have no experience with 3D printing. And what did we found out? When they understand how it works, they wish they had started earlier!

Employee of Exalta wipers

"I didn't know anything about 3D printing but these guys helped me out, and now I have a machine on my desk that just runs and runs for months already."

- Ben Hart, Exalto Wiper Technologies

Employee of Orto+

"I was a real newbie and now I can't even imagine having none in my practice. My work just got so much easier and faster and it is really life changing for my patients."

- Alexandra Markovic, Orto+

Students of Hanze University learning about 3D printing

"This printer is an amazing machine straight out of the box. Little to no set up required before you're 3D printing amazing quality prints."

- Rob Flint, Sensor System Engineering

Request a free test sample!

Of course you want to see if our PEEK 3D printing quality is high enough for your business. We totally understand that and are more than willing to proof our 3D printer quality to you. Contact us and we will come back to you with a few questions to find out what you exactly want to produce with 3D printing.

Parts made by PEEK 3D printing

Great industrial 3D printers with great service

Our 3D printers are built to perform. We value reputation more than money. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give a full peace-of-mind, safety and security.

Our printers are born from a passion for perfection—the goal to build the most advanced 3D printers in the world. While the trend is to outsource, we do everything possible in-house.

Tractus3D printers are built to the highest standards, making them the most advanced PEEK 3D printers you can buy for that price. We do things the right way, never the cheap way.

As Tractus3D we take pride in the trust our customers have in us so want to offer everyone the best service possible. We promise, support is always just a call or e-mail away.

As is possible with any machine, some parts of it can malfunction or get worn over time. That is why we designed our PEEK 3D printers in a way that they are easy to maintain.

Want the most advanced 3D PEEK printer?

Get your free quote today!

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