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Looking for the best solution for industrial manufacturing?

Exploring the possibilities of creating precise parts yourself?

This is not easy as the market is full of different systems and technologies that all claim to be the best. Are you looking for an Industrial system that is:

  Fast, accurate and robust?

  Competitively priced?


3D printing has many advantages, compared to traditional manufacturing

Through creating layers, FDM 3D printing opens a whole new way in which products are created and it offers a lot of advantages compared to the usual traditional manufacturing methods.

  1. Faster product development
  2. Customization and production on demand
  3. Lower costs
  4. Manufacturing on your desktop
  5. High confidentiality as no third parties involved
  6. Easier and faster to deal with design modifications

Let us introduce your best choice for producing smarter and faster

 Most advanced   Competitively priced   You are always covered

Tractus3D printers are born from a passion for perfection — a single-minded goal to build the most advanced and affordable 3D printers in the world. We differentiates ourselves by developing the most powerful 3D printers which are still affordable.

Our DESK-series boasts a high printing speed, a high accuracy and a low weight, making it easy to move around to any location you desire. They are perfect for 3D printing smaller objects extremely accurately and have a good temperature stability due to the fact that the 3D printers have a closed chamber, minimizing the possibility of warping.

FFF (also known as Fused Deposition Modeling)
Single or dual
Maximum speed
600 mm/s
XY resolution
0,01mm (10 microns)
Z resolution
0,05mm (50 microns)
Maximum layer thickness
1mm (1000 microns)
Build plate temperature
100 degrees Celsius
Nozzle temperature
300 degrees Celsius
Supported materials
All 3D plastics excl. high temp.
Noise level
LAN (RJ45)
Nett weight
9,5 kg (T650)
Simplify3D software license and a starter kit

Guaranteed: more advanced, complete and easier than any other comparable 3D printer

We understand what you need (And DON'T NEED) and you want to have the best value for your money. We don’t invest our time and resources in fancy designs or expensive marketing campaigns, but in making the most advanced 3D printers you can buy for that price.

✓ Because your goal is to have the highest quality output fast

Printhead of an industrial 3d printer

Fast printing speed

600 millimeter per second

When using a FDM printer, you will want to see your finished object as soon as possible. At Tractus3D we know this feeling all too well, which is why the travel speed of our industrial 3D printer goes up to 600 millimeter per second and the printing speed up to 200 mm/s. This means that an object of 100 gram can be finished in less than 1 hour. With this speed, your 3D designs will become reality in no time.

Incredible resolution

0,01 mm (10 microns)

When designing exquisite models for FDM printing, you want them to be as detailed as possible so that you can truly see the expertise put into it. With a resolution of 0,01 millimeter (10 microns) on the XY-axis and a resolution 0,05 millimeter (50 microns) on the Z-axis, Tractus3D printers can print even the finest details. When your objects do not require such detail, you can print at a lower resolution up to 1000 micron.

Touch screen of an industrial 3D printer

Intiutive touchscreen interface

Large Full Color Display

The user-friendly full color 7 (or 5) inch touch control enables you to easy operate the 3D printer. The modern and advanced interface has a lot of handy functionalities and you can conveniently choose which design you want to print (4GB memory). The touchscreen also gives you the ability to modify settings directly on your FFF 3D printer during printing, such as temperatures and speeds.

✓ Because quality output depends on perfect first layers 

Automatic build platform compensation

To ensure the first layer sticks to the build plate and has an even thickness, its important that the platform is ‘leveled’. With auto build platform calibration a sensor in the plate checks for any imperfections and automatically compensates it. The calibration is done in less than 50 seconds and you are ready to print. This saves a lot of time compared to manually calibrating and reduces the risk of a failed 3D printed object.

Heated printbed of an industrial 3D printer

Heated build platform

The heated build platform improves the adhesion of the first layers to the build plate. Each filament material requires a particular build platform temperature for optimal adhesion. A heated build platform reduces the risk of error while printing. The temperature of the heated print bed goes up to 100 degrees Celsius (in 105 seconds to 60 degrees), enabling you to print with almost any material.

Print bed with low nozzle of an industrial 3D printer

PEI build plate

The heated build platform has a PEI (Polyetherimide) surface. The amber / orangish to transparent colored surface is known for its adhesive properties. It requires no preparation when starting a 3D print. Compared to a glass build plate you don't need to use adhesives, for example glue sticks or hair spray. If you accidentally do not spray properly, it will end up in the wrong place and may cause harm to the FDM printer.

✓ Because you want to be able to work undisturbed on other tasks as well

Power button of an industrial 3D printer

Ready to print

Less than 30 minutes

We understand you want to start using your new FDM printer as fast as possible. All of our 3D printers are ‘ready to print’ and a starter kit with PLA filament is included. Just plug it in and, follow the steps of the manual and you will be ready to go.
Logo os Simplify3D 3D printing sofwareAlso a Simplify3D lifetime license is included for free. Smart 3D printing software to provide you the best results.

Decibel meter showing 28 decibels indicating a low noise level of an industrial 3D printer

Light and silent

35 dB - 9,5 kg

We measure the noise level of our 3D printers regularly to make sure the sound level is as low as possible. We can assure you, operating at very low decibels, the printer fades into the background to provide you an undisturbed working environment. It's possible to work next to the printer without being distracted. Our 3D printer weighs far less than most other printers. This makes it easy to move without having to take it apart.

Filament holder of an industrial 3D printer

No standstill

Out of filament detection

When your 3D printer runs out of filament, it will go in stand-by mode, in which the nozzle will move to the side. Once you have added new filament, the print will continue where it left off and finish your object.
Also in unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage, you can continue your print from where it left off. This way, we ensure quick, foolproof 3D printing processes and reduction of material waste.

✓ Because you want to have flexibility and freedom in material choice 

Bronze filament of an industrial 3d printer with filament detection

Not tied to one supplier

Our 3D printers have an 'open filament system', offering you freedom of choice. This means you are free to choose your prefered filament supplier and not obligated to buy a particular brand. Print with over 20 different print materials, just make sure the filament is 1.75 millimeter in diameter.

Closed chamber of an industrial 3d printer

Closed chamber

A closed chamber preserves the heat of the FDM printer. The casing makes sure temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum. As a result you are not limited in the print materials (filaments) you want to use. You will not have to compromise on the quality of your prints as well.

Dual extruder of an industrial 3D printer

Dual extruder

Enjoy maximum design freedom when choosing for two extruders. Dual extrusion on a FDM printer gives you the ability to print in multi-color and multi-material. It's also possible to use soluble support material. Create complex geometries and after the print is finished you can dissolve the support material in water.

✓ Because you deserve a machine that lasts and great service

Maintenance being done on an industrial 3D printer

Easy to maintain

As is possible with any machine, some parts of a FDM printer can get worn over time. If this happens, you can simply buy a replacement which you can easily install yourself. If you require assistance, our skilled engineers are always ready to offer support.

Industrial 3D printer printhead hold by engineer

Modulair build and upgradeable

With the modular build of our printers, new technologies can be added. Never work with an outdated Tractus3D printer, let our engineers update it to the latest standards (when new upgrades are available).

Robust construction of an industrial 3D printer

Robust construction

When you own a Tractus3D printer, you own a machine of superb quality. Made of aluminium with lexan casing, our industrial 3D printers are robust and durable. The large format printers even have a bulletproof casing.

Yes, that is a lot! No worries. We will explain you everything you need to know!

We understand that all these features can be overwhelming for you. Especially when you are just discovering all the amazing possibilities of FDM 3D printing. Just drop us a message here, chat with us or send an email to and we will explain you everything there is to know about the 3D printing process.


And that is not all. You are always fully covered!

One of our core values is to support those who have supported us. If you have purchased our 3D printer we will make sure you are taken care of, no questions asked. It is our belief that we have designed, tested, and manufactured the best possible 3D printer on the market. We want our customers to have the same confidence. Being a customer, you are a part of our community, so we have got you covered.

Our 3D printers are built to perform. We value reputation more than money. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give a full peace-of-mind, safety and security.

Our printers are born from a passion for perfection—the goal to build the most advanced 3D printers in the world. While the trend is to outsource, we do everything possible in-house.

Tractus3D printers are built to the highest standards, making them the most advanced 3D printers you can buy for that price. We do things the right way, never the cheap way.

As Tractus3D we take pride in the trust our customers have in us so want to offer everyone the best service possible. We promise, support is always just a call or e-mail away.

As is possible with any machine, some parts of it can malfunction or get worn over time. That is why we designed our 3D printers in a way that they are easy to maintain.

Why does Tractus3D gives you so much more value than others in the market?

Founder of Tractus3D industrial 3D printers in front of a large size 3D printer holding a 3D printed large object in his hands in front of a big delta 3D printer

Founded by a man on a mission

To know Tractus3D is to know its founder. A few years ago inventor and engineer Daniël van Mourik bought his first FDM printer because he wanted to produce customised parts for his own business. While he saw major opportunities in the 3D printing technology, he was not at all pleased with the machines itself. When a friend asked him: "When you think you can do better, why don't you?" he accepted the challenge.
He set out on a quest to build the best 3D printer so businesses could take real advantage of this new technology. Led by Daniël in his role as chief engineer, the Tractus3D team has changed the 3D printing industry. Until now he keeps looking for ways to improve, making sure his 3D printers will stay amongst the best in the market.

2 Tractus3D employees working on the large size 3D printers

We're obsessed with innovation

It is probably in our Dutch blood; all Tractus3D engineers love everything that is new and different. Tractus3D is responsible for countless industry-changing 3D printer innovations:

2015 - One of the WORLD'S FIRST (!) High Temperature PEEK 3D printer.

2016 - THE LARGEST commercially available Delta 3D printer: up to 2,1 meter.

2018 - Introduction of the HEATED CHAMBER feature: provides optimal thermal management for our PEEK 3D printers.

2019 - Developments and innovations continue, but don't worry! Our 3D printers are upgradable so you can always benefit from the newest 3D printing technology.

Examples of how our customers have earned their 3D printing investment back in less than 12 months

logo of woonstad rotterdam

Rotterdam uses 3D printing for construction - costs are reduced with 70%.

Through the introduction of FDM 3D printing, the construction industry has changed. 3D printing makes construction processes and projects a lot more efficient and streamlined. One example of this is the way in which renovation work on old, historic buildings is carried out. The 3D printed constructions have exceptional strength, durability and they are lightweight, making them far more durable than the original gutters. Read more >

The original old gutter
The original old gutter
Tractus3D engineer is montaging the 3D printed ornament
Installation of the large 3D printed construction
Detail of the 3D printed ornament
Detail of the 3D printed ornament
The 3D printed ornament is shown on the building
The 3D printed ornament shown on the building
logo of hans boodt mannequins

3D printing mannequins reduces the production time from 8 weeks to 2 days.

Mannequins are the ultimate form of display for every clothing store around the world. When the finest brands in fashion need mannequins, they go to Hans Boodt Mannequins, a Dutch company that makes unique high-end mannequins for the most discerning fashion designers and brands. Customers are fashion labels such as Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. With help of FDM 3D printing the mannequins can be manufactured faster. Read more >

Designers of Hans Boodt 3D modeling mannequins for 3D printing sculptures of mannequins
Designing the Mannequins
Side view of a life size 3D printed sculpture of a mannequin
The 3D printed sculpture of a mannequin
Owner of Hans Boodt standing in front of Tractus3D life size 3D printers
Owner of Hans Boodt in front of large 3D printer
Heads of life size fashion mannequins that are 3D printed making use of the Tractus3D life size industrial 3D printers
Customizing the mannequins is much easier thanks to 3D printing sculptures

Do you also want to cut your prototyping and production costs?

As with all new technologies it takes a bit of time to get used to it. But no worries, we are always there to help you out. Most of our customers have no experience with FDM 3D printing. And what did we found out? When they understand how it works, they wish they had started earlier!

Employee of Exalta wipers

"I didn't know anything about 3D printing but these guys helped me out, and now I have a machine on my desk that just runs and runs for months already."

- Ben Hart, Exalto Wiper Technologies

Employee of Orto+

"I was a real newbie and now I can't even imagine having none in my practice. My work just got so much easier and faster and it is really life changing for my patients."

- Alexandra Markovic, Orto+

Students of Hanze University learning about 3D printing

"This printer is an amazing machine straight out of the box. Little to no set up required before you're 3D printing amazing quality prints."

- Rob Flint, Sensor System Engineering

Not sure yet if 3D printing is right for your business? Ask a free test sample!

Of course you want to see if the quality of a FDM printer is high enough for your business. We totally understand that and are more than willing to proof our 3D printer quality to you. Just give us your name + email address and let us know which printer you are interested in.

3D printed objects that show the high resolution of Tractus3D Delta printers

Be the innovator in your industry and make your manufacturing processes faster and smarter with our industrial 3D printers

 Most advanced   Competitively priced   You are always covered

Tractus3D embraces innovation in any way possible. We do not like good, we want great or perfect. While the latter is difficult to achieve with our mindset to always keep improving, we feel like we are doing a pretty good job. We get to use our passion to create a state-of-the-art product range. May we present to you our DESK-series:

Tractus3D T650 Industrial 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing

T650 (S)  

Build volume (mm)
200 diameter x 285 height (315 center)
Printer dimensions
Depth 325mm
Width 370mm
Height 700mm
(including filament stand 840mm)
VAT and shipping costs outside the Netherlands
Simplify3D software license and a starter kit
Tractus3D T850 industrial 3D FDM Printer for production grade FDM printing

T850 (M) 

Build volume (mm)
300 diameter x 380 height (405 center)
Printer dimensions
Depth 475mm
Width 550mm
Height 900mm
(including filament stand 1135mm)
VAT and shipping costs outside the Netherlands
Simplify3D software license and a starter kit
Tractus3D T1250 3D FDM printer for industrial 3D printing

T1250 (L) 

Build volume (mm)
370 diameter x 550 height (610 center)
Printer dimensions
Depth 550mm
Width 640mm
Height 1300mm
(including filament stand 1530mm)
VAT and shipping costs outside the Netherlands
Simplify3D software license and a starter kit
Businessman working on a computer on a desk with a industrial Tractus3D FDM printer on it

Or do you have a question about 3D printing first? We are there for you!

Please ask us any questions you have or request a free quote today. We are happy to help and to provide you with whatever assistance you need in researching the ideal solution for your business - in whatever way works best for you.