Our 3D printer on Counting Cars TV show

Our 3D printer on TV show Counting Cars (History Channel TV)

On the 3of June 2020, our T3500 and T1250 made their debut on the popular TV show Counting Cars on History Channel.

The first episode of the 9th season was one to remember. Horny Mike designed and printed a bad ass helmet on our 3D printers, stationed at Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas..

Below you can see two shorts of the Tractus3D printers on the show.

The short version

The long version

Counting Cars on History Channel

Danny “The Count” Koker is a Las Vegas legend who buys, restores and personalizes classic cars and motorcycles, from vintage Thunderbirds and classic Corvettes to souped-up Harley’s and pimped trikes. When “The Count” sees something he wants, whether he comes across it at a car auction or on the road, nothing stands in the way of getting his hands on it! With the help of his passionate and talented team, Danny restores and personalizes whatever comes in to make the a profit.

Danny and the Count’s Kustoms team are back for a brand new season of Counting Cars. They are working on some of their most interesting projects to date. Counting Cars is bursting at the seams with amazing historical vehicles and incredible transformations; deals are being made like you’ve never seen before!

Counting Cars first aired in augustus 2012, as a spin off from History Channel’s classic pawn stars. Now they started airing season 9.