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T3500 Tractus3D printer is 3.5 meter high so capable of large volume 3D printing

3D Printing Through the Ceiling

By Tractus3D | 20. November 2017

Building too small for big size 3D printer. Tractus3D is becoming more and more known for its large format industrial…

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3D printing engineer showing that the Tractus3D printers can be easily updated

Benefit From the Latest Technology

By Tractus3D | 20. November 2017

Upgrade your 3D printer and enjoy the new features. Tractus3D printers are upgradeable, make sure you are not stuck with…

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3D Delta printers of Tractus3D updated with the newest 3d printing technology

Announcement New Tractus3D Models

By Tractus3D | 2. October 2017

We are delighted to announce a new chapter in the Tractus3D journey. Today we introduce new and improved versions for four of our 3D printers…

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The older collection of 3D printers of Tractus3D that aren't updated by the newest technology yet

The 3D Printer that Lasts

By Tractus3D | 27. September 2017

Durable 3D printers thanks to the modular build. Buying a 3D printer is a perfect way for organizations to make…

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Tractus3D 3D printer being used at GMTEC to 3D print racecar parts

3D at GMTEC Cars

By Tractus3D | 20. April 2017

3D printing is already being used in the automotive industry quite frequently. Because of this, GMTEC Supercars invited Tractus3D for their annual…

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Prototype of a 3D printed racecar

Interview About 3D Printed Race Car

By Tractus3D | 20. March 2017

Tractus3D CEO talks about the 3D Printing Process. The Tractus3D CEO, Ben Schilperoort, was interviewed by Zuyd Hogeschool about the…

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Founder in front of the T3500 showing a torso which is 3D printed on this large size 3D printer

33 Biggest 3D Printers in the World

By Tractus3D | 13. March 2017

Tractus3D included in Buyers Guide with large format 3D printer. The Tractus3D T3500 large format 3D printer can be found…

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The packaging of a large size 3D printer for worldwide shipping

Size Matters – Also for Packing

By Tractus3D | 6. February 2017

Large format 3D printers come with large packaging. Making large format 3D printers with a great resolution and a high…

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3D printing engineer showing that the 3D printers can be easily updated

Interview About Tractus3D as an Employer

By Tractus3D | 26. January 2017

Werkzaak Rivierenland posted an article about the social focus of Tractus3D to offer jobs to people…

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Objects that are made with thermoplastic 3D printing

High-End Plastics One of 5 Main 3D Trends

By Tractus3D | 11. January 2017

High-Performance materials are trending in the 3D printing industry. According to 3D print magazine, high-end plastics in FDM printing is…

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Furniture made by 3D printing

Tractus3D Large Format Printer at Horecava

By Tractus3D | 4. January 2017

The T3500 is present at the Horecava. One of our customers, De Arend in Waardenburg (the Netherlands), will attend Horecava…

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The page with the interview of 3D print magazine

3D Print Magazine About Tractus3D

By Tractus3D | 24. November 2016

Tractus3D wants to service the Business-to-Business market with SLA’s. With our high-end products, use of special materials and our selection…

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Tractus3D T3500 3D printer next to a racecar

Tractus3D Printer Used to Build Race Car for Formula Student

By Tractus3D | 3. November 2016

3D Printing will help school to develop and build a race car. Zuyd Hogeschool will develop and build a race…

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