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The HAN Hydromotive team behind the energy efficient vehicle

Developing an Energy Efficient Vehicle with 3D Printing

By Tractus3D | 14. June 2018

Consumption of 1 liter fuel per 570 km. Last Friday the HAN Eco-marathon has taken place at the Midland Circuit…

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The back of a BMW M6 GT3 with 3D printed letters

BMW M6 GT3: 3D Printing Used as Finishing Touch

By Tractus3D | 11. June 2018

Street legal edition with 3D printed letters on the back. A big car enthusiast has constructed a street legal edition…

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A person is showing a 3D printed object which was printed on the T3500 large 3D printer

Ranked Among the Best Large Format and PEEK 3D Printers

By Tractus3D | 5. June 2018

The Tractus3D T3500 and T650P. We are proud that our 3D printers are listed among the best printers at several…

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White object being 3D printed on demand on a industrial 3D printer

Produce on Demand With a 3D Printer

By Tractus3D | 28. May 2018

Offering freedom of design. One of the advantages of owning a 3D printer as a company is having the possibility…

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Spraying hair spray on the glass build plate

Make Your 3D Prints Stick to the Build Plate

By Tractus3D | 11. May 2018

Improving the adhesion The latest version of the T650, T650P, T850 and T1250 Tractus3D printers have a PEI build plate,…

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Confidential paper with 3D print design

3D Printing In-House Keeps it Confidential

By Tractus3D | 3. May 2018

Your innovations will be safe. According to Wikipedia: ”Confidentiality involves a set of rules or a promise that limits access…

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Tractus3D stand at the healthcare exhibition with 3D printer and 3D printed examples

3D Printing at Healthcare Exhibition

By Tractus3D | 26. April 2018

3D Printing in Healthcare. The Dutch healthcare exhibition Zorg & ICT is the annual highlight for current information, visible innovation,…

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Gold and silver coins with a clock in the background

Decrease costs with 3D printing

By Tractus3D | 4. April 2018

Less machine, material and labor costs. One of the advantages of the use of 3D printers is bringing costs down.…

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Tractus 3D CEO shaking hands with a military

3D printing at the Dutch Air Force

By Tractus3D | 20. March 2018

MakAIRsjop invests in the T1250 3D Printer. For and by Defense personnel. MakAIRsjop is a makerspace, for and by Defense…

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3D printing a white object with a Tractus 3D printer, minimizing the risks of errors during the product development process

Reduce Errors With 3D Printing

By Tractus3D | 9. March 2018

The 3D Printing process minimizes risks. Many industries are looking for ways to reduce the risk of errors during the…

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The white headphone is 3D printed on a Tractus3D industrial FDM printer

3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics

By Tractus3D | 21. February 2018

3D prints: Time and cost effective. Freedom of design. Using 3D printers to make custom made enclosures for electronics can…

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3D scanning gutters of an old building

Reduce Development Time With 3D Printing

By Tractus3D | 12. February 2018

Cut production time using 3D Printers. 3D printing can reduce the development and production time of parts and products. Where…

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3D Printing Benchmark: 3D Benchy

By Tractus3D | 5. February 2018

The jolly 3D printing torture test. Model for testing and benchmarking. The 3DBenchy is one of the most used 3D…

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Automatic Build Platform Calibration

By Tractus3D | 23. January 2018

The Perfect First Layer. What is it? The first layer of a 3D print is vital in order to reach a…

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Stay Ahead of Competition With 3D Printing

By Tractus3D | 12. January 2018

Increase your competitive advantage. One of the advantages of 3D printing is that it enables you to stay ahead of…

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small Tractus3D industrial T650 printer on a desk

Pushing the Limits of Printing in PEEK

By Tractus3D | 8. December 2017

Tractus3D is pushing the Limits with the PEEK 3D printer. Tractus3D has launched their next generation 3D PEEK printer, the T650P.…

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3D printed Christmas objects

Silent Night, Peaceful 3D Printing

By Tractus3D | 7. December 2017

An undisturbed work environment. Low Sound Level. Our industrial 3D printers are operating at a noise level as low as…

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The factory where the 3D printing engineers develop the Tractus3D printers

High Demand for New Models

By Tractus3D | 20. November 2017

Positive feedback after introducing New Models. The introduction of the next generation Tractus3D printers has been a great success so…

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T3500 Tractus3D printer is 3.5 meter high so capable of large volume 3D printing

3D Printing Through the Ceiling

By Tractus3D | 20. November 2017

Building too small for big size 3D printer. Tractus3D is becoming more and more known for its large format industrial…

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3D printing engineer showing that the Tractus3D printers can be easily updated

Benefit From the Latest Technology

By Tractus3D | 20. November 2017

Upgrade your 3D printer and enjoy the new features. Tractus3D printers are upgradeable, make sure you are not stuck with…

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3D Delta printers of Tractus3D updated with the newest 3d printing technology

Announcement New Tractus3D Models

By Tractus3D | 2. October 2017

Today we introduce the new and improved 3D printers. We are delighted to announce a new chapter in the Tractus3D…

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The older collection of 3D printers of Tractus3D that aren't updated by the newest technology yet

The 3D Printer that Lasts

By Tractus3D | 27. September 2017

Durable 3D printers thanks to the modular build. Buying a 3D printer is a perfect way for organizations to make…

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Tractus3D 3D printer being used at GMTEC to 3D print racecar parts

3D at GMTEC Cars

By Tractus3D | 20. April 2017

3D printer attracts a lot of attention at GMTEC Cars. 3D printing is already being used in the automotive industry…

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Prototype of a 3D printed racecar

Interview About 3D Printed Race Car

By Tractus3D | 20. March 2017

Tractus3D CEO talks about the 3D Printing Process. The Tractus3D CEO, Ben Schilperoort, was interviewed by Zuyd Hogeschool about the…

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Yesterday we visited HAN Hydromotive to wish them the best of luck at the Shell Eco-marathon next week. Their Tractus3D printer will also be transported to the circuit in London. When something gets damaged during the marathon, they can 3D print the part and replace it! ... See MoreSee Less

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