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We recently launched our brand new Large Volume SE series. The Tractus3D T3000SE and T3500SE are now on the market and here is your opportunity to be one of the first to have one of our SE Series printers, due to it being brand new, the new Large Volume SE series is now available for purchases with a very special offer.


If you purchase one of our two Large Volume SE printers this month, your purchase will cost you the same prices as our regular Large Volume printers! This special offer will end on June 1st 2022. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and get your quote now!

Why add one of the two Large Volume SE series to your business?

The new SE series printers comes with a whole lot of new improvements and updates in comparison to our regular large volume printers. These improvements has made the user experience of printing with a Tractus3D printing more mobile and easier for our users.


Additionally, other features and improvements has made it possible to be more creative with 3D printing and even better prints, alongside the quality our users have grown accustomed too when printing with a Tractus3D printer. So right now you will be able to purchase the Large Volume SE series printers, with all the updates, for the price of our regular Large Volume Printers.


This is an once in a lifetime opportunity to be one of the very first to own one of our Large Volume SE series printers, combined with such a special offer! The new Large Volume SE series will officially be on the market with their regular prices as of June 1st 2022.

What are some of the improvements you can expect from the Large Volume SE Series?

The new SE series comes with a conditioned cabinet, which allows your filament to stay in perfect condition. The sensors in the cabinet will measure whether you have enough filament prior to printing and what the possibility is of the filament running out. Our new direct-drive print head includes “noise-cancelling” vibration function, in order to get prints even tighter and smoother.

Alongside high speed printing, which is now up to 3 times faster, makes this a popular large volume 3D printer.

We have paid a lot of attention to user experience with the new SE series. Users can now operate everything easily with a 15” touch screen. Accompanied with every printer, users receive a tablet. This tablet allows you to work mobile around the printer and operate it. Adding our focus on user experience, you can use the camera to see if the print is running properly, while in the comfort of your office, so you could always keep an eye on your project being printed and always be in control.

Why is Tractus3D printer always the best choice?

We’re specialized in 3D printers that are more reliable, versatile and with the new features and improvements that the SE series brings along with it, we continue to be the pioneers in 3D printing. Our passion for 3D printing will resonate in the new SE series, not only due to our expertise, but due to our enthusiasm and constant need to improve the 3D printing experience for those who are equally as passionate about 3D printing as we are.


You will be able to have all the new improvements and an incredible 3D printing experience, with the same services and quality Tractus3D users are used too.

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High accuracy
Heated build plate
Closed chamber
7" Tablet
15" Touchscreen (optional)
Network connection
Automatic bed leveling
Easy swappable print head
Filament sensor
Simplify3D licence
Larger build volume
Widest build plate
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Visual and easy experiences with real large volume 3D printing with industrial grade results. Print up to 1 meter in width and 2.1 meters high.