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The Next Level PEEK 3D Printer: T850P

The T850P PEEK 3D printer with Heated Chamber in an industrial setting

High temperature 3D printer with Heated Chamber

The introduction of our next level high temperature PEEK 3D printer, the T850P (incl. heated chamber), has been a great success so far. There is a huge demand from various industries to 3D print with high-performance materials, such as PEEK and ULTEM. We would like to thank everybody for the positive response.

We are also delighted that many media noticed this new printer as a unique machine which will make an significant impact in the 3D printing industry. Below you can find a list of media and publications about the T850P high temperature 3D printer.

Heated Chamber

The temperature inside the T850P can easily be controlled with an innovative heated chamber. Thermal management helps to reduce warping because it diminishes premature cooling by open air. The heated chamber allows the user to set the temperature at the required level up to 65 degrees Celsius.

Big Build Volume

With a spacious build volume of 300mm x 380mm (diameter x height) this all-round 3D printer is extremely useful for prototyping and small batch production.

Accuracy and Speed

With a resolution of 10 microns, it is possible to print even the finest details. The 3D printing speed goes up to 200 mm/s.

Temperature up to 450°C

The high temperature nozzle goes up to 450°C and the build plate up to 175 °C. The T850P enables to create prototypes out of superior materials such as Carbon PEEK, PEEKQ and ULTEM. But conventional materials like PLA and PETG are also still printable.

Free SLA

The first year Service Level Agreement is included for free (worth € 900,-). Take advantage of the following benefits:

- One spare print head for free;
- Free print head (nozzle) cleaning;
- 50% discount on spare parts or upgrades;
- 20% discount on filament.

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