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Large Volume 3D Printing at C!Print Lyon

Presentation about Large Volume 3D Printing for the signage and graphics industry


We signaled before that the popularity of 3D printing in the signage industry is growing superfast. This industry has been creating astonishing billboards, banners and point of sale displays for years. But although the 2D prints are larger than ever, it is getting harder and harder for brands to attract attention. People are exposed to so many different adds per day, that most of all messages are simply blocked out by our brains. 3D advertisements however, do catch the eye of attention for sure!

Perfect couple

A combination of 2D and 3D printing provides a whole new range of limitless creative possibilities. The 3D printed technology adds depth and gives a distinctive appearance to a design, where the 2D print can be used to finalize. A large product sample for instance, can be shaped exactly as the real product in 3D and subsequently wrapped with a large 2D printed label as a finishing touch. With the best of both, you can create anything you can imagine.

Presentation about 3D Printing for Signage and Visual Merchandising
3D Printing at the C!Printing in Lyon France
Large 3D Print at Signage and Visuals Exhibition

Shape by suction

Vacuum forming (a simplified version of thermoforming) is a process where a thermoplastic sheet material is heated and sucked onto a forming core with pressure or vacuumed. The core can be printed in 3D and by the use of moulding, multiple items can be produced fast and at extremely low product costs. Vacuum forming can also be directly applicated on a 3D printed object, providing a quick and smooth finish. As a result it offers a lot of opportunties in combination with 3D printing.

Write in space

Channel letters remain popular in the signage industry to attract customers and communicate messages. They can be 3D printed on demand and even complex curves or geometric shapes can be easily manufactured. Internal illumination will draw even more attention to your signage and marketing statements!

Shapes of the future

Recently we signed a partnership with KSM in France, to bring our products to the French market. KSM represents several companies in Europe, from coating solutions, self-adhesive films to 2D printing, and provides competent and personal advice to its French business partners. They are convinced that 3D printing can add huge value to sign and display projects, because it integrates perfectly into the existing large format printing business.

3D printing at C!Print

KSM shared their enthusiasm about the 3D printing technology at the C!Print in Lyon. Patrick Mennecier, Commercial Director, at KSM gave a presentation about the advantages of 3D printing for branding purposes (''LES ATOUTS DE L’IMPRESSION 3D POUR L’ENSEIGNE''). At the stand of KSM one of Tractus3D large scale 3D printers was showed. The printer created a big object throughout 3 days (non-stop 3D printing, also overnight!) of the exhibition and it was photographed and filmed as if it was a famous movie star. KSM sure hopes to have inspired a lot of creative minds.

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Tractus 3D Welcomes Director of Sales for the US Market.

19. July 2019

Tractus3D is experiencing rapid growth and continues to expand the partner network worldwide. Therefore we are very pleased to welcome Matt McEwan as Director of Sales for the United States.

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Training and Certification program

17. July 2019

Our Training and Certification program helps our partners to be trained and certified on Tractus3D printers. They are taught how to resolve issues faster, reduce downtime and boost return on investment.

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Count’s Kustoms is ready to print 3D

24. June 2019
Tractus3D printer in shop of Count's Kustoms

Tractus3D is now partnering with Count’s Kustoms to create 3D printed parts and finish off special projects that have been on the shelf for some time but were lacking the large machinery to get it started.

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