Large Scale 3D Printing is Changing

Large Scale 3D printing

Large scale 3D printing is changing. Nowadays, it is hard to think of something that cannot be printed on. Shoes, shirts and even cars, all these items can be branded in a way you desire. This has been the traditional method of how you could brand yourself. These methods have historically worked for businesses in the past. But now that 3D printing is a possibility, there are greater and stronger ways that businesses can now brand themselves and make their products as unique as possible. Ins

Instead of showing off your brand on billboard, shirts, and cars by printing on these objects. With 3D printing, you can now bring your products to life. Gone are the days of simply printing on different objects, now you have the possibility to create these object and a whole lot more. This creates endless possibilities and new opportunities for businesses to brand and advertise themselves in new and creative ways. Especially if they introduce large scale 3d printing.

Same, same but different

Lots of beautiful large scale 2D printers are available. However, these new printing technologies are not as exciting as ‘in the old days’. Printers are bigger, for sure. And the choices of usable shapes and materials are increasing. But at the end of the day, as technology develops and creativity expands, a print is still flat design when you print in the tradition methods.

In comes 3D printing

Since the printing industry needed to be exciting again and keeping up with the latest trends, 3D printing brings that new life to large scale 3D printing. The traditional methods are incomparable when you look at what 3D printing offers you. The design you would traditionally use to brand yourself when printing on object, the same could also be printed but in three dimensional thanks to 3D printing. But the possibilities don’t end there, in addition to this, you could also do a whole lot more, like a large 3D printed replica of your products. This can definitely set yourself apart from everyone else. A Tractus3D SE Series Large Volume 3D Printer is making it possible. We have been doing this for quite some time and see the potential and possibilities that our printers could contribute to the large scale 3D printing and 2D printing industry.

Think Big

One things we agree with is, if you want to go with 3D printing, it’s important to think big when it comes to what you want to print, especially when it comes to branding. Anyone can have replicas of their product, but with large scale 3D printing, these replicas can go as big as you can imagine and our Tractus3D large volume SE Series 3D printers has been put to the test before. Large scale 3D printing just adds size to anything you want 3D print. Our Tractus3D large volume SE Series 3D printers are experienced when it comes to printing big objects. Here are just a few examples on what we mean when we say large volume 3D printed objects.

large scale 3d printed spider
Large Scale 3D printed spider
Large Scale 3D printed objects
Large Scale 3D Printed objects

Printing the future

The world is changing, large scale printing is the biggest excitement in the promotional printing industry. Luckily, a sector that is based on imagination and novelties will get a fresh boost of creativity while exploring all new 3D printing possibilities. It is definitely the rejuvenation that the large scale promotion printing industry needed. We can’t wait to see what you create on a large scale 3D printer!