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Simulate Your Prints in Advance

You’ve already invested a lot of time and researching in finding the best 3D printer for you cause – in fact, most people spend more than 80 hours researching their first 3D printer, and you have made the right choice of buying a Tractus3D printer. But with the printer installed on your location, it’s time to start printing. To get the best result we recommend using Simplify3D as your slicing software.

We’ve got a long track record of building printers and make prints. With this experience we’ve used and tested multiple software packages. Every software has its own unique capabilities and simplify3D is above par in all situations.


Incredibly Realistic Simulations

Simplify3D includes an incredibly realistic pre-print simulation that allows you to see the exact actions your 3D printer will perform before you start the print. You can literally watch an animation of the extruder as it lays down each individual line of plastic, giving you more insight than ever before!

Identify Issues In Advance

The simulation includes information about the exact speeds, sequences, and settings that are used for your print so that you can quickly verify these settings at a glance. Stop wasting time on failed prints and use the realistic simulation to spot potential issues before even turning on your 3D printer!


Improved Print Quality and Easy Break-Away Removal

Simplify3D is well-known for providing the best support structures available, allowing you to achieve the highest level of surface quality for even the most complex prints. Once the print is finished, the supports break-away easily without any special tools or post-processing.


Customize Your Supports for the Perfect Print

The software automatically suggests where support material should be added, but the ability to customize your supports is a fan favorite! Easily add more support in areas that may be prone to instability, or remove unnecessary supports for faster print times.

Support for our Tractus3D 3D Printers

We have partnered with Simplify3D to ensure the software is compatible with the our 3D printing hardware. We have tested and optimized our 3D printers so that you can achieve exceptional results right out-of-the-box!

Easily Switch Between Multiple Machines

Instead of learning a different software program for each Tractus3D 3D printer that you buy, you can now use the same application for all of our 3D printers. The software can be quickly switched between different machine configurations, allowing you to control everything from one central application.