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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

“Buy your last 3D printer”

We are so confident in the quality, craftsmanship and durability of our 3D printers that we can offer an industryleading Service Level Agreement. At Tractus3D, we make printers in several different sizes that can print with a wide variety of materials. What makes them truly worthwhile, however, is the fact that they are all modularly built. They are upgradeable, so you are never stuck with an old model. This also makes them easy to maintain or otherwise repair when necessary. Tractus3D printers are a long-term investment, so it is easy to pinpoint the ROI.

Our Service Level Agreement holds many benefits to the ambitious customers of Tractus3D. By investing a small amount yearly, you ensure that your 3D printer remains future-proof and on the top of its game. Since we are constantly innovating, the small, yearly fee you pay for the Service Level Agreement will pay off handsomely in the long run.


SLA included when buying a LARGE VOLUME series 3D printer. SLA worth 2.690 Euros (SLA + one-time free print head). Yearly extension of 900 euros.

PRO series

SLA included when buying a PRO series 3D printer. SLA worth 1.590 Euros (SLA + one-time free print head). Yearly extension of 900 euros.

DESK series

SLA not included. First year SLA 700 euros, including a one-time free print head (worth 390 euros). Yearly extension of 700 euros.

Other benefits when owning a SLA

50% discount on all parts you want to upgrade*

When there is a new development available, you can always have it. As our printers are modularly built, you are always able to upgrade them without having to buy a whole new printer. While you can always buy the upgraded parts outside of the SLA, the SLA offers you a 50% discount on all upgraded parts.

* Without an SLA it’s not possible to upgrade. If you want to upgrade without an SLA, an SLA needs to be signed
for all the years since delivery, retroactive.

50% discount on all worn and reserve parts

Using our printer a lot means that some parts of it may slightly get worn or show traces of usage. You can replace the worn parts at a 50% discount. If you wish to have minimal standstill you can also order spare parts to have on reserve.

Always a clean printhead

When actively using your printer, your print head is bound to get dirty. Our SLA gives you the option to have your print head cleaned professionally. Send us the dirty printhead, after which we will clean it and send it back to you; as new!

Note: limited to 2 print heads per month. For extra printheads there is a 50% discount on the list price. Return
shipping cost not included.

One spare printhead for free

Tractus3D printers include a ready-made print head. However, as part of the SLA, you acquire a spare print head for free in case your current one gets dirty. Just swap the print heads.
Note: The free print head is included in the first SLA contract, not in the extension.

20% discount on all filaments

On top of all the other benefits of the SLA, you get a 20% discount on all filament ordered via Tractus3D.
Therefore, the more you print, the more you take advantage of the SLA!