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Gluing 3D prints

One of the strong sides of 3D printing is that you can slice a model into multiple parts and put them together after the printing. There can be multiple reasons for slicing a 3D model into multiple parts and gluing 3D prints. For example a really big 3D print, bigger then the printer can handle, can me printed in smaller parts and then put together for the end result, or you can choose to slice the 3D model into smaller parts to upgrade the printing quality or the total print time, if you want to minimize the support. Reasons enough to always check the best settings for your 3D model before starting the print.

After the printing, you are able to glue the parts together, it’s even a pretty powerful post-processing method.

6 tips for gluing 3D prints

  1. When you design your model, and already know you are going to slice it in multiple parts, try to add joints or keys to your model;
  2. Always roughen up the surface that you want to glue, for example by sanding it;
  3. Always use high class industrial glue, for example 2 components glue / 2 part epoxy glue;
  4. Remove the excess of glue right away;
  5. Secure the parts you glue together, for example with straps, tape or rubber bands;
  6. Let the glue dry long enough before processing to the next step;

gluing 3D prints