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Heated chamber

Operating the heated chamber of the T850P

With the Tractus T850P 3d printer there is an option to heat up the build chamber. The air temperature around the printed model will remain stable throughout the entire print job to help avoid warping. This option can be set in Simplify3D on the temperature tab. Please note that we have unchecked the box “Wait for temperature controller to stabilize” which means the print will start, no matter what the chamber temperature is at that point.

heated chamber settings

The chamber temperature can also be set via the webinterface, or via gcode on the lcd. Please use the following gcode in the console tab of the lcd: “M141 S65” to set the temperature to 65 degrees Celcius. Currently the active chamber temperature is only displayed on the webinterface. Please keep in mind that when a file has been cancelled or has finished printing, the chamber heater will deactivate.

heated chamber settings