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Whitepaper: Calculate the ROI of 3D printing


When we are talking to our customers, and potential customers, we often get qeustions about the ROI of 3D printing. What is the return on investment and how can you easy calculate the ROI. We always try to help our clients making these calculations, but this requires some information from their sides as well. To make it more easy and understandable we’ve made a whitepaper with the explanation of the ROI of 3D printing, and how to calculate it.

ROI of 3D printing at Exalto

For our whitepaper we’ve used a real client case from one of our early clients, Exalto Wiper Technologies. They are and have been an innovative and forward thinking company ever since they started back in 1979. Ever since, Exalto has concentrated on developing the world’s best wiper systems. Gathering years of knowledge of building the best wipers systems for rough environments and for different applications. They now strive to offer the most complete range of wiper products of the best possible quality.

In a competitive market it’s essential for them to keep ahead of their competitors, and they always find a way. For example traditional methods took too much time. It involved a lot of communication, a lot of planning and even then, when the time came to make a prototype, it could prove to be a waste of time. For that reason Exalto required a new way to think about how they can get a product to market in the fastest possible time and this is where our 3D printers came into place.

In the whitepaper you can download below, we’ll help you calculate the ROI of 3D printing with the case of Exalto, and you’ll see the benefit they have from 3D printing.

Download the whitepaper: The ROI of 3D printing

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