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Tractus3D T3000 vs BigRep PRO

To compare Tractus3D T3000 vs BigRep PRO, we selected a 3D printer that is close in the printing volume, for us that is the T3000, the T3500 has an even larger printing volume. Below you can find the comparison between the Tractus3D T3000 vs BigRep PRO.

t3000 vs bigrep pro


TLDR: The  main differences between the Tractus3D T3000 vs BigRep PRO is the print volume, print speeds nozzle and material possibilities and the lower price, where the Tractus3D T3000 has the upper hand.


The full comparison between the Tractus3D T3000 vs BigRep PRO

T3000BigRep PRO
TechnologyFDM / FFFFDM / FFF (MXT) and ACE
Delta or cartesianDeltaCartesian
AssemblyFully assembled / installation on locationFully assembled / installation on location
Print height1450 mm985 mm
Print diameter1000 mm
Print width1020 mm
Print depth970 mm
Print volume1138 liters974 liters
XYZ resolution20 / 20 / 50 micronunknown
Automatic bed levelingYesyes
Nozzle temperatureup to 300 °C (572 ºF)up to 300 °C (572 ºF)
Travel speedup to 300 mm/sup to 100 mm/s
Build plate temperatureup to 110 °C (230 ºF)up to 80 °C (176 ºF)
Nozzle diameter 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.40.6 ACE / 1.0 MXT
Filament diameter1.75 mm2.85 mm
Enclosed chamber
Industrial grade
Upgrades possible
Dual extrusion
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