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Installing slicing software, Simplify3D

Installing simplify3D
Importing Tractus3D settings in Simplify3D
Updating firmware settings in Simplify3D

Installing simplify3D

Default we supply Simplify3D with our 3D printers as slicing software. As we do recommend this software it’s not the only one that you can use for the 3D printer. Tractus3D is a reseller of Simplify3D and does give basic support for this and their printers but most of the support will be found online at the Simplify3D website.

To get the Simplify3D license with your 3D printer please fill in the Request Simplify3D license on our website. Please use a general e-mail address for your request as this will be used company wide.

Fill in this form and you will receive an e-mail with your license. You’ll have to make a login which we advise to keep it simple and general (like the company name) because also this will be used company-wide on all Simplify3D installations. When you login on the Simplify3D website click on Download Software and choose your operating system

See the Windows Installation Instructions on the website how to open the installer. Select your installation language and click OK. Select Next > read the Simplify3D software End User License Agreement and Accept the agreement to continue. Choose I accept the agreement and click Next >

In the next window enter the installation directory. Click Next > After this the installation will start by clicking one more time on Next >

Click on Finish to start Simplify3D for the first time. On the printer installation screen click Cancel. Simplify3D will now open in default settings

Importing Tractus3D settings in Simplify3D

Now it’s time to setup your printer in Simplify3D by the latest settings delivered by Tractus3D. When you requested your license you also received a mail from Tractus3D with a .FFF file. (settings file for Simplify3D).

In Simplify3D go to File > Import FFF profile

Select the .FFF file you received from Tractus3D and click Open
You will get a message which name the software gave the imported settings file.

Next go at the left side of the screen to Processes and click the Add button.

Select the imported settings under Select Profile:
Give the process profile you are making a name by entering a recognizable name in Process Name:
To see more details of the process, click on Show Advanced
Click on OK to close this window, your process profile is set up now

Click on Import at the Models section to import a STL or OBJ file which you want to print.

For more information how to get the best results with Simplify3D we recommend reading the support page on
their website:

Updating firmware settings in Simplify3D

Next to configuring the profiles, the firmware file also has to be imported. The file is send out together with the printer profile. Follow the steps below to update the firmware settings in Simplify3D

In Simplify3D go to Tools > Firmware configuration

In this window choose Import and navigate to the location where you placed the firmware file.

NOTE: Please be aware that this file has to be loaded on overy boot of Simplify3D. So best practice is to store the file in a location that is always accessible.