Karl Gröner signs partnership with Tractus3D and adds 3D printing to the German signage and display market

Groner German reseller of Tractus3D printers building

Tractus3D is pleased to announce the partnership with Karl Gröner, a successful family business and a specialist wholesaler in the signage market since 1946. Karl Gröner is now selling and promoting Tractus3D printers in Germany with the sole rights in the sign making and fair construction market. They launched the partnership at the FESPA in Munich.

Creating detailed objects

A Large Volume printer T3000 and a Desk printer T1250 have already been installed at Gröner in Ulm. These printers are most suitable for components like moulds used in direct-to-shape printing and tools for producing three-dimensional signage objects.
The Signage and display industry can benefit with time and cost savings through efficient in-house manufacturing of detailed eye-catching signs and objects, which are 3D printed first and then combined with 2D printer products like textiles or films.
The T3000 offers a build volume of up to 1.5 meter in height and can print parts in wide variety of material. Both printers feature automatic bed levelling and with an incredible resolution of 0,02 millimeter (20 microns) for the T3000 and even 0,01 millimeter (10 microns) for the T1250 on the XY-axis, plus a resolution of 0,05 millimeter (50 microns) on the Z-axis; Tractus3D printers can print even the finest details!

The third dimension

Watch the video to see how the first T3000 3D Printer was installed at Gröner and some of the possibilities of the third dimension in sign making.

Extend the boundaries of creativity

With this partnership Gröner continues to explore technical opportunities in printing.” commented Bernd Gröner, Managing Director at the Karl Gröner GmbH. “The Tractus3D printers are designed to fit the needs of modern print production environments and it is suitable for a wide range of uses. The 3D printer also complements our sign and display printers seamlessly. This technology pushes the boundaries of creativity and technique even further in visual communication projects.”

About Karl Gröner

Since 1946, Karl Gröner is an owner-managed company where the combination of textiles, films, display systems, tools and machines for professional advertising technology is competent with advice and the short delivery times. Innovative solutions and cooperation based on partnership are part of their philosophy.
The enthusiasm for writing and visuals in the advertisement are the engine of the innovation strength of Gröner. A high standard of quality is the benchmark for their products and service. Gröner promotes the distribution of products which are manufactured under consideration of ethical and ecological aspects.
Through training and further education, Gröner provides customers with a future-oriented transfer of know-how.

3D printer installed at Groner German reseller Tractus3D printers

FESPA Global Print Expo 2019

FESPA is Europe's largest trade fair in the field of visual communication: from screen printing and large format digital printing to textile printing and all forms of signage. The event took place in Munich from and offered visitors from the entire print and sign industry the opportunity to discover the latest products and innovations shown by the more than 700 exhibitors there.

Gröner enriched its exhibition at FESPA with printers that not only achieve outstanding results for a variety of advertising applications on their own, but whose prints can also be used for the finishing of 3D objects. For example, foil prints can be glued onto 3D objects or creatively combined to create a completely new, effective "look and feel" experience.

Contact Karl Gröner GmbH:
+49 731 3982 0
[email protected]


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