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Interview with our New Commercial Director

Maurits Blok: ''Big thinking, large printing''.

Maurits Blok is the newly appointed Commercial Director of Dutch industrial 3D printer provider Tractus3D. Founded in 2015, Tractus3D manufactures a range of large-volume delta 3D printers and desktop systems, and is gearing up for the commercial shipment of a new high temperature 3D printer.

In a rapidly growing and highly competitive market, the company is committed to distinguishing itself from the field with a customer-focused approach. In this interview, 3D Printing Industry gains insight into Blok’s plan for Tractus3D’s commercial innovation, and receives the latest details of its upcoming PEEK 3D printer, scheduled for shipment January 2019.

Read the full interview with Maurits Blok on 3D Printing Industry: Tractus3D isn't 'just another 3D printer company'.

Maurits Blok, Commercial Director of Tractus3D, sitting on a 3D printed chair and holding a large scale 3D print of a tower

Our latest News

AddExport from Sweden helps Tractus3D expanding their business in the Nordic countries.

23. May 2019
Different Flags of Nordic Countries

The mission of AddExport is to develop the market for industrial 3D printers in the Nordic countries and to build a reseller network for Tractus3D.

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Karl Gröner signs partnership with Tractus3D and adds 3D printing to the German signage and display market

9. May 2019
3D printedobject by Groner German reseller of Tractus3D printers

Tractus3D has announced the partnership with Karl Gröner, a successful family business and a specialist wholesaler in the signage market since 1946.

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3D Printing Excursion

15. April 2019
Explanation about 3D printing to a group of former teachers

Members of the Society of Oud-Willemers visited Tractus3D in Ammerzoden. This Society is a club of former staff members (both teaching and non-teaching) of the Willem van Oranje College in the Netherlands.

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