Interview with our New Commercial Director

Maurits Blok: ''Big thinking, large printing''.

Maurits Blok is the newly appointed Commercial Director of Dutch industrial 3D printer provider Tractus3D. Founded in 2015, Tractus3D manufactures a range of large-volume delta 3D printers and desktop systems, and is gearing up for the commercial shipment of a new high temperature 3D printer.

In a rapidly growing and highly competitive market, the company is committed to distinguishing itself from the field with a customer-focused approach. In this interview, 3D Printing Industry gains insight into Blok’s plan for Tractus3D’s commercial innovation, and receives the latest details of its upcoming PEEK 3D printer, scheduled for shipment January 2019.

Read the full interview with Maurits Blok on 3D Printing Industry: Tractus3D isn't 'just another 3D printer company'.

Maurits Blok, Commercial Director of Tractus3D, sitting on a 3D printed chair and holding a large scale 3D print of a tower

Our latest News

Upgrade – Newly designed LCD unit for our LARGE VOLUME series

8. October 2019

We are continuously developing our printers to meet the latest market requirements. In September we released the latest upgrade for our LARGE VOLUME series: a newly designed LCD screen.

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3D Designing in the Middle East

19. September 2019

Tractus3D printers became part of Team Visual Solutions’ machinery last month.
The company, situated in Dubai, is a dynamic, multi-capacity, world-class manufacturer of bespoke visual merchandising.

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Successful Demonstration Day at Tractus3D

26. August 2019

The demonstration day last Saturday can be defined as successful. Despite the exceptional high temperatures, the event attracted many local visitors who didn’t want to miss the opportunity to behold Tractus3D from the inside.

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