How 3D printing can help with prototyping when working from home

While the entire world is getting locked down more and more, a lot of businesses needed to shut down their offices and have people work from home. When it comes to (rapid) prototyping this could be a hassle if the traditional methods are still used. But with 3D printing you can keep going as rapid as you would like to go. How? Let us explain.

The traditional way

There are many industries that have a long and drawn out prototyping process. Where steps include the creation of a CAD model, developing a first prototype out of clay or Styrofoam, identify iterations, redesign the CAD model, develop the second proto prototype out of clay or Styrofoam, etcetera. This is a process that takes a lot of time and none of the steps can be skipped because they all play a part in the prototyping process.

3D printing is the way

When it comes to rapid prototyping, the 3D printer is a must have in the process. You still need to design the CAD model, but instead of taking extensive time and manpower with the clay or Styrofoam models, you are able to transform it into a 3D printable file. All you need to do then is hit the print button on the 3D printer. During the print you can even keep working in the CAD model on new ideas and/or improvements. The printer will do the work without interruption by an operator. This way you can easily create multiple 3D models in a short timeframe.

You don’t just save time; you are also able to create multiple prototypes more frequently until the product is perfected. Next to that it also gives a competitive advantage over the competition.

Rapid prototyping from home

With the current pandemic, a lot of 3D designers need to work from home. This doesn’t have to be a problem when you have a 3D printer in the office (or even at home). The digital files can easily be sent around the globe to every home. Enabling working together on a new prototype. When the 3D file is ready, just send it to the person who is working in the office (alone or 1,5 meters apart), and he or she can start the printing of the prototype!

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