How 3D printing can elevate the world of advertising

3D printing has been around for quite a bit. While large corporations have been able to use 3D printing to provide their customers with even more creative and innovative deliverables. Advertising agencies have yet to take that step towards including 3D printing amongst their advertising deliverables.

We are in a digital age, for this reason it is understandable why there has been a whole lot of emphasis put into digital advertising. Though there is no promise that content could be unique and different, it does not truly catch attention like it once did and as the social media medium ages, being creative on a stagnant platform could eventually run its course.

Not to say the digital age is behind us. Social presence of a company is quite important, and companies should continue to focus on this form of advertising.

But what if agencies assisted the companies in going beyond their online presence? Going beyond has always been the motto for every agency, though they all claim it is their unique selling point, but why not actually go beyond for your clients as an advertising agency. Deliver more than just a strong online presence.



Create unique advertising materials

Go beyond as an advertising agency by inserting a 3D printer to your agency. Point of sale displays are always in demand. Adding 3D printing to your business model, allows you as an agency to create lightweight and hollow point of sale displays, and in some instances, you can add lighting, allowing you to truly illuminate. By creating life-size objects or different signages, advertising agencies are able to capitalize on providing a unique product to their client, while expanding their services as an advertising agency.

This way advertising agencies can remain ahead of their competitors and continuously deliver unique products for their clients, from displays, to signage, developing physical advertising material is an opportunity that many agencies could take advantage of.

Advertise your products in unique ways

Additionally, it is a sustainable way of providing their clients a physical alternative. Posters and pamphlets made out of paper are outdated, especially considering how companies are trying to be more sustainable. We at Tractus 3D see value in advertising agencies adding 3D printers to their organizations in a way to expand their deliverables to their clients. Our printers can withstand several types of projects and allow you to do different projects in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. Why not add one of our 3D printers to your business?


Lifesize advertising materials made possible with 3D printing

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