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Positive feedback after introducing New Models.

The introduction of the next generation Tractus3D printers has been a great success so far. A lot of new customers found their way to our company after the announcement last month about the pre-order possibility of the V2 models. We would like to thank everybody for the positive response. This motivates us even more to build the most advanced and trustworthy industrial 3D printers.

Factory of Tractus3D where the 3D printing engineers develop the 3D printers

Features of the next level 3D printers

Bigger print volume

In our opinion one of the most important improvements of the next generation Tractus3D printers is the larger print volume. You can enjoy the benefit of making larger prints, although the build size of the printers has remained the same.

Faster printing speed

The V2 is capable of printing twice as fast. Where the V1 models had a speed of 300 mm/s, the V2’s can now print 600 mm/s. This will accelerate your prototyping cycles and production batches enormously.

Closed chamber

Temperature fluctuations can greatly impact the quality of your prints. The V2 has a completely closed chamber, which provides a more stable printing temperature and keeps these fluctuations to a minimum. Despite the closed chamber your 3D printjob is still easy accessible through the front opening door and it’s possible to watch your design being printed thanks to the transparent plexiglass material.

Work in peace

The new version is even more quiet then than its predecessor. Because of the silent operation you can work next to the 3D printer without being distracted.

Production at full force

Our engineers are working very hard to keep up with the large amount of V2 orders. At the moment Tractus3D is one of the fastest growing companies in the 3D printing business. As a matter of fact, we are aiming to expand our team and looking for new colleagues to increase the production capacity . The photo at the top of this page is taken at the Tractus3D production site in the Netherlands.

Our updated 3D printers

Be among the first to order a next generation Tractus3D machine. These industrial 3D printers are easy to operate and delivered Ready to Print with a free copy of the Simplify3D software as well as a starter kit . You can start enjoying your new state of the art 3D printer straight away. All Tractus3D printers are available with single or dual print head.

Tractus3D T650 Industrial 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing


Price: €1.999,-

Plug and play
Build volume: 170 diameter x 285 height
(315 center)

Tractus3D T850 industrial 3D FDM Printer for production grade FDM printing


Price: €2.499,-

Plug and play
Build volume: 280 diameter x 345 height
(405 center)

Tractus3D T1250 3D FDM printer for industrial 3D printing


Price: €3.899,-

Plug and play
Build volume: 360 diameter x 605 height
(675 center)

Tractus 3D T650P PEEK Industrial 3D Printer


Price: €7.900,-

Plug and play
3D printing all plastics
(including all the high
temperature materials)

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