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Carefree 3D printing for a fixed price per month?

Lease your 3D printer

Financing a 3D printer without making a large investment at once? This is possible with our Financial Lease. You can enjoy the possibilities of 3D printing and keep financial scope to do business. In addition, you may also benefit from a tax advantage. And at the end of the term you are the full owner of your 3D printer.

With financial lease you do not pay a once-only purchase price, but you pay your 3D printer(s) in fixed low monthly installments. We have several options for the duration of the lease and the costs per 3D printer. Together we'll find a lease that fits your financial situation.

Financial Lease Benefits

✓ Less initial cash investment required
✓ Lower monthly payments
✓ Conserve your capital
✓ You may have a tax advantage (ask your accountant)
✓ Assist corporate growth

Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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