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Tractus3D Launches new Large Volume SE Series Printer!

We released our brand new printer! Our new Large Volume SE Series! We debuted the T3000SE for the first time!

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New Tractus3D office and factory

We've moved to our new office and factory

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Strategic partnership with Color World in Taiwan

We are very proud and pleased to announce another strategic partnership. Our reseller network expands into Taiwan with Color World Technology System Inc.

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Our latest reseller in Germany: phoenix

We are proud to introduce our newest reseller in Germany: phoenix

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3 reasons to buy a 3D printer now

Eventough the COVID-19 pandemic is not gone yet, the world is opening up again a little bit again. This marks the perfect time to buy a 3D printer and implement it in your business. We’ll give you 3 reason to buy a 3D printer today.

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Our 3D printer on Counting Cars TV show

Our 3D printers made their debut on popular TV show Counting Cars (History Channel). Horny Mike made a bad ass helmet on our machines at Count's Kustoms in Las Vegas.

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How 3D printing can help with prototyping when working from home

With the current pandemic, a lot of 3D designers need to work from home. This doesn’t have to be a problem when you have a 3D printer in the office (or even at home). Read more about Rapid prototyping from home...

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Working from home more efficiently? Our DESK series is the perfect solution

Due to the worlwide lockdowns, a lot of people need to work from home, if possible. How to do this more efficiently with our DESK series...

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3D printing medical materials, a need for every medical place

As the outbreak of the Coronavirus keeps spreading and affecting more and more people, the pressure on the healthcare systems and medical professionals is growing by the minute, how can 3D printers help?

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The T2000 is here

Our latest 3D printer is here, the T2000. Bringing large volume printing into every office and workspace.

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